Portland Police Bureau's East Precinct Retail Theft Mission Results in Numerous Arrests and Thousands in Recovered Stolen Merchandise (Photo)

May 18, 2024 19:02


Another retail theft mission has resulted in $2,000 in recovered stolen merchandise and several arrests.

On May 17th, 2024, officers assigned to East Precinct, K9 Unit, and Air Support Unit conducted a retail theft mission, which is part of an ongoing effort to address organized retail theft and other associated crimes. The mission resulted in 19 custodies, two stolen vehicle recoveries, and $2,000 in recovered merchandise. During the mission period officers focused on the Mall 205 and Gateway area in collaboration with retail partners.

Retail Theft missions work directly with our retail partners to identify, apprehend, and work toward prosecution of these offenders. Following each retail theft missions officers conduct follow up and work closely with the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office (MCDA) to ensure prosecution on these cases.

Retail theft is often more than just shoplifting items for personal use. Many suspects are involved in organized theft rings, which steal items that can easily be sold for cash on the secondary market or returned to stores for a “refund.” Returning or attempting to return stolen property, no matter the value, is a class-C felony ( https://oregon.public.law/statutes/ors_164.055 ).

In many cases, these individuals are involved in criminal activity that extends far beyond retail theft, including illegally possessed guns, drug possession and distribution, vehicle theft, and more. Additionally, disrupting theft preserves the viability of retail businesses that serve the Portland community. Therefore, these missions go a long way in improving livability across the area. Mission commanders analyze theft and other crime data to focus their missions on the neighborhoods most impacted by these crimes, which are often large retail shopping complexes. PPB recognizes that smaller local businesses are also impacted by retail theft and it’s our belief and goal that arresting and holding prolific thieves accountable will help reduce these crimes for the entire business community.

PPB is grateful to our partners and MCDA Retail Theft Task Force for their collaboration aimed at addressing retail theft in the Portland Metropolitan area.

To learn more, join us for a video ride-along on one of PPB’s recent retail theft missions here: https://youtu.be/XF08DVNQjpQ

Statistics for this mission:
19 Number of Custodies
6 Felony Charges
23 Misdemeanor Charges
6 Criminal Citations
12 Felony Warrants
12 Misdemeanor Warrants
11 Subject Contacts
4 Vehicle Stops
2 Vehicles Eluded
1 Spike Strip Deployment
1 Box In
2 Stolen Vehicles
$15,000 Stolen Vehicle Total Value
2 Vehicles Towed

Recovered stolen items:
$400.00 Home Depot Mall 205
$391.84 Fred Meyer Gateway
$41.96 Safeway 122/Powell
$1,173.09 Target Mall 205

Photo descriptions:
1. Suspect in handcuffs next to a police vehicle with red lights flashing in front of Fred Meyer
2. 3 officers arresting 2 suspects in front of Home Depot
3. Recovered stolen merchandise on a police vehicle hood
4. 3 police vehicles on a traffic stop in a parking lot
5. Theft suspect in handcuffs being searched incident to arrest by officers
6. A stolen tan pickup truck with flattened right rear tire boxed in by police vehicles, officers, paramedics, and firefighters addressing a suspect nearby
7. An officer in a bicycle uniform and helmet in custody of a suspect in handcuffs



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