Portland Police Bureau Seeks Public Input on Directives (Photo)

Portland Police Badge
Portland Police Badge

June 15, 2024 17:36


The Portland Police Bureau directs member action through its policies, procedures, and rules, as found within Directives. The Bureau is in the process of reviewing the following Directives and seeks community input.

Community members are encouraged to read the directives using the links below, then follow the link at the bottom of the PDF copy of the directive to provide comments.

First Universal Review link: https://www.portland.gov/police/1ur

Review Period: 6/14/2024 – 7/14/2024

• 0215.00, Member Performance Evaluations
• 0630.25, Cadet Program

Second Universal Review link: https://www.portland.gov/police/2ur

Review Period: 6/14/2024 – 7/14/2024
• 0210.70, Secondary Employment
• 0210.80, Extra Employment
• 0640.50, Traffic Crash Investigations
• 1501.00 Field Training and Evaluation Program

All Bureau Directives are available at https://www.portland.gov/police/directives. This webpage also enables community members to sign up to receive email notifications when new or revised directives are posted.

Photo description: Cover of Manual of Policy and Procedure



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