PPB Begins Bureau-wide Roll Out of Body-Worn Cameras (Photo)

June 24, 2024 10:54


The Portland Police Bureau has begun a Bureau-wide implementation of body-worn cameras, beginning today with Central Precinct.

On Monday, June 24, 2024, PPB members who work at Central Precinct were issued their body-worn cameras. This comes after a months-long pilot project in 2023 that included Central Precinct Officers and officers from the Focused Intervention Team (FIT).

Following the rollout at Central Precinct today, body-worn cameras are slated to be distributed at North Precinct in mid-July, other divisions and units and then East Precinct sometime in late August (this implementation is slightly delayed due to an upgrade in internet connection).

PPB has been eagerly awaiting this day as body-worn cameras play a pivotal role in 21st Century Policing. The cameras will enhance the community-police relationship, provide all stakeholders with greater accountability and a better understanding of critical events. In addition, the cameras will facilitate fair and transparent adjudication across criminal and civil matters.

Video of officers obtaining their body-worn cameras can be found here: https://youtu.be/O11p-UqV5PU

Information on PPB’s body-worn camera program can be found here: https://www.portland.gov/police/community/body-worn-camera-project

The policy can be found here: https://www.portland.gov/policies/police-directives/field-operations-0600/062000-body-worn-camera-use-and-management

Photo descriptions: Officer removing camera from docking station
Close up of a body-worn camera



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