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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Revenue Division

Arts Tax: 503-865-4278

Business Taxes: 503-823-5157

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201

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Staff Directory

Revenue Division Staff Directory

111 SW Columbia Street, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201
General Line: 503-823-5157 ~ Fax: 503-823-5192
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Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am to 5pm (call center hours 9am to 4:45pm) (closed most holidays)
Revised: 10/8/2019

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Division / Position Name Phone Number
Director Thomas W. Lannom 503-823-5154
Audit & Accounting Division
   Audit & Accounting Division Manager Scott Karter 503-865-2470
   Administrative Specialist II Amelia Hicks 503-865-2454
   Audit Supervisor Matthew Thorup 503-865-2468
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Budgeting, Accounting & Liens
   Senior Financial Analyst Janice Hammond Getten 503-865-2491
   Accountant III Peter Scherer 503-865-2493
   Accountant III Daniel Steinkamp  503-823-4366
   Accountant II Fritz Pieper 503-823-3574
   Accounting Technician Paul Hill  503-823-4382
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Iona McJunkin 503-865-2494
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Margaret van Patten 503-865-2492
   Administrative Specialist II  Sherree Matias 503-823-3569 
   Coordinator III Marco Maciel 503-823-2037
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   Senior Revenue Auditor Karen Obana 503-865-2472
   Senior Revenue Auditor Jason McKay 503-865-2461
   Senior Revenue Auditor Rhonda Etherly 503-865-2861
   Revenue Auditor Din Belderrain 503-865-2476
   Revenue Auditor Nicholas Hooyman 503-865-2866
   Revenue Auditor Randy Gernhart 503-865-2460
   Revenue Auditor Wendy Farrier 503-865-2479
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Business Solutions Division
   Business Solutions Division Manager Rachele Gorsegner 503-823-3379
   Business Systems Analyst II Kelly Jones  503-823-6196
   Business Systems Analyst II Sarah Perry  503-823-2349
   Business Systems Analyst II Norah Beech 503-823-3374
   Business Systems Analyst II Jared Eiesland 503-823-5414
   Business Systems Analyst I Tressa Barclay 503-823-5157
   Business Systems Analyst I Kita Fraser 503-823-5839
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Tax Division
Tax Division Manager Tyler Wallace 503-865-2450  
Training Analyst    
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Arts Tax / Customer Service
   Tax Supervisor Barbra Rice 503-865-2480 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist V  Jayden Dotson 503-865-2499 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Joshua Mens 503-865-2496
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Dustin Burklund  503-865-2875
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Fo Vo 503-865-2457 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Gregory Flynn  503-865-2878
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Erik Wagner 503-865-2458 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Adriana Garcia-Serna 503-865-2874 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Viviane Xiong 503-865-2456 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Dean Price 503-865-2877 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Bryston Deibel 503-865-2852 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Cindy Scott 503-865-2876
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Business Taxes
Tax Supervisor Celita Holt 503-865-2495
Tax Account Team
   Revenue & Tax Specialist V  Colin Steeves 503-865-2490
   Revenue & Tax Specialist V Veronica Avila-Serna  503-865-2863
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Angela Abudakar 503-865-2467
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Craig Plasse 503-865-2463 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Ivy Wong 503-865-2459 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Robin Lockwood 503-865-2478 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Yeni Nguyen 503-865-2498
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Joan Keiski  503-865-2474
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Rachel Cleveland 503-865-2455
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Shelley Adams-Muir  503-865-2471 
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Tax Support Team
   Supervisor Danny DeSelle 503-865-2475 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist III Heather Canahai  503-865-2868
   Revenue & Tax Specialist III Suzanne Browne  503-865-2458
   Revenue & Tax Specialist III Derek Brown 503-865-2447
   Revenue & Tax Specialist II Dolores Whitney 503-865-2451 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist I Paul Keppeler 503-823-9737 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist I Tricia Young 503-823-2872 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist I Dustin Montgomery  503-823-1591
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Special Enforcement Team
   Tax Supervisor Adrienne Brown-Dunn 503-865-2864 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Thomas Carrasco 503-865-2453
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Nayeli Serna-Flores 503-865-2452 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist III    
   Revenue & Tax Specialist III Iana Spada
   Revenue & Tax Specialist III Amy Hansen 503-865-2466
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Property Team
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Karla Frahler  503-865-2865 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist III  Tim Tran 503-865-2871 
   MCBIT Coordinator Betty Hopkins 503-823-5148 
Rental Registration Team
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Jamari Carter  503-865-2465 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Laura Takasumi  503-865-2869 
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV Sara Cochron  503-865-2880 
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Business Permitting: Amusement DevicesPay & ParkPayday LendersSecondhand Dealers & Social Games
   Regulatory Program Administrator Huitzilli Rios-Martinez
Heavy Vehicle Tax/ Bankruptcy
   Revenue & Tax Specialist V Annie Lundgren 503-865-2858
Transient Lodging Tax (Occupancy Taxes)
Property Management License Program (Enhanced Services Districts)
   Revenue & Tax Specialist V Roger Koppy 503-865-2852 
Short-term Rental Tax Enforcement
   Revenue & Tax Specialist IV  Craig Doherty 503-865-2485
Accessory Dwelling Unit  (ADU)
   Revenue & Tax Specialist V Leroy Creel 503-865-2462
IRS Data Exchange Program
   IRS Liaison and Disclosure Officer Seth Kabala 503-823-2593
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