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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Revenue Division

Arts Tax: 503-865-4278

Business Taxes: 503-823-5157

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201

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Forms Approval Process

Forms Approval Process for Software Developers

Contact: Matthew Thorup, Auditor Supervisor
Phone: (503) 865-2468

We require a hard (or electronic) copy of the form and instructions for review.  If the software performs calculations, we will review forms that have been calculated with "dummy" data (that illustrates that correct calculations, limitations, internal diagnostics, etc.) instead of the instructions.  Forms may be mailed to the Revenue Division, Attn: Software Development Liaison, 111 SW Columbia Ste 600, Portland, OR 97201.  They may also be faxed to Matt Thorup at (503) 865-3286.

We maintain a "software providers" database and email updates about forms.  If you want to be included in the database, please email and provide your name, the name of your employer, your title, the forms that you handle, your email address, your mailing address, your telephone number, and your fax number.  If you have been receiving emails from us already, you are already in the database and do not need to contact us.


Draft versions of all five Combined Tax Return forms are generally not available until early to mid-November. Draft forms will be posted to the Tax Software Developer page when they are completed. Final versions of the forms will be posted after the relevant federal and Oregon tax forms are finalized to ensure that line number references are correct. This generally occurs in mid to late December. Final forms will be posted to the Tax Software Developer page when they are completed. Developers can check the Tax Software Developer page periodically to find out the status of our forms.