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The City of Portland, Oregon

Office of Management & Finance

Revenue Division

Arts Tax: 503-865-4278

Business Taxes: 503-823-5157

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201

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Forms & documents to file

Tax forms & supporting tax documents: previous tax years 

Revenue Bureau tax forms are year and business entity type specific. For example, a sole proprietor filing for 2011 whould select the SP-2011 form.

All businesses must register online or by mail or fax

Business Entity Type

Revenue Bureau Tax Form
(for each year)

Supporting Tax Pages Needed
(for each year)
IRS forms unless noted

Sole Proprietorship
or Single-Member LLC


Form 1040, page 1
Schedule C (if filed)
Schedule D (if filed)
Schedule E (if filed)
Form 4797 (if filed)
Form 6252 (if filed)

Corporation C-20XX

Form 1120, pages 1-5
Form 1125-E (if filed)

Oregon Form 20
Oregon Schedule AP (if filed)

S-Corporation SC-20XX

Form 1120-S, pages 1-4
Form 4797 (if filed)
Form 8825 (if filed)
Schedule K-1's

Partnership or
Multiple-Member LLC


Form 1065, pages 1-5
Form 4797 (if filed)
Form 8825 (if filed)
Schedule K-1's

 Estates or Trusts E-20XX

Form 1041
Schedule K-1's

Tax forms from 2006-present

Tax forms before 2006