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LMC Meeting Notes 08/27/2013


August 27, 2013



Din Belderrain, Stephen Bouffard, Kathleen Butler, Karla Frahler, Marian Gaylord, Kathy Goss, Scott Karter, Karen Obana, Julie Shervey, Terri Williams


Joe Hertzberg

Note Taker:

Meghann Fertal

Handouts Distributed:

Draft July 23, 2013 meeting notes; Draft LMC Retreat Agenda


1. The July 23, 2013 meeting notes were approved after the correction of the following:

    • a. LMC TEAM-BUILDING RETREAT Item 4 the agreed upon timeframe discussion ended on late October.

2. The minutes can be posted after the above correction.



1. Add Recognition Program to UPDATES




  • a. On June 6, 2013, Stephen was appointed by Mark Gipson, president of AFSCME Local 189, to serve on the OMF LMC
  • b. Stephen requested information from OMF LMC
    • i. Response (6/12/13) from Gerry Verhoef, president of COPPEA, stating that the labor structure and make-up of the OMF LMC is under review and they will follow up with Mark Gipson.
    • ii. Stephen has not heard from Mark Gipson or OMF to date
  • c. Thomas on OMF LMC – Thomas had not heard of a restructuring happening.

2. Revenue Bureau representation in OMF/City budget process

  • a. Thomas has requested that we defer this until after Retreat – if deferred, there is still time before the budget process begins

3. Walk-in customer service hours

  • a. Kathleen and Frank discussed, felt confident that LMC knew ideas – defer until more solidified information from HR
  • b. Division Managers have more to report on the long-term plan to address this issue

4. Union time –SAP

  • a. Deferred – Terri is still look for guidance in SAP

5. Recognition Program

  • a. Close, didn’t feel comfortable by using ZAP name and prizes; renamed to STAR - Special Thanks and Recognition
  • b. Cards to be printed within the next few days
  • c. Looking for a fish bowl
  • d. E-mail is drafted, ready to be sent to roll out program
  • e. First prize(s) at All Staff meeting, 09-24


Customer Service Surveys – Post-phone Call

1. Julie gives update - Water Bureau wants to implement by end of year, no project plan or set dates

  • a. Kathy Koch doesn’t feel confident that that deadline will be met
  • b. Michael Croxton, Project Manager – same sentiment

2. Water has been waiting for a long time – would prefer us not to implement at the same time, wait for them to get bugs worked out and then roll out after their go-live time

3. No progress with the Water Bureau since April

4. Puts back to manual application options:

  • a. Looking at TrackIt with sending Post Cards based on notes in BLIS
  • b. How can we grab both incoming and outbound calls – random sampling with an account with a phone call note in BLIS
  • c. Looking back on March meeting minutes’ suggestions



1. Sub Committee: Karla, Frank, Thomas, Kathleen, Marian

2. Agreed upon date – October 22

3. Agreed upon time: begins at 8am, morning refreshments available

4. Agree upon Location: Kennedy School; 5736 NE 33rd Ave

  • a. Food and snacks provided at Kennedy School

5. See Joe’s attachment

  • a. Does the Agenda look reasonable - Approved
  • b. Thoughts Exercise - Approved
    • i. Has been done before, thought provoking, gets the ball rolling, helps form a basis of LMC (understanding differences as a strength)
  • c. Revitalizing LMC, rather than details
    • i. Retreat is to look at the overall purpose
    • ii. Meetings to look at the detailed framework



1. All-Bureau Survey

  • a. Adding an open ended question
    • i. What do we want to get at?
      • 1. Spark a topic
      • 2. Finding an important item to individuals
    • ii. What’s the best way to ask?
      • 1. Option: What would make the most positive change to the Revenue Bureau?
        • a. Desire to include tiers - individual, division, bureau wide
      • 2. Option: What would make the most positive change in your position, your division, and the Revenue Bureau?
        • a. Desire to focus word position – job or work-life
      • 3. Option: What would make the most positive change in your work-life, your division/department, and the Revenue Bureau?
        •  a. Desire to ask 3 different questions – to allow growth in idea or concept
    • iii. Agreed: What positive changes would improve your work-life? Agreed: What positive changes would improve your division / department? Agreed: What positive changes would improve the Revenue Bureau?
    • iv. Do not a mandatory question – some may not have ideas / concepts
    • v. Timing of survey slated to go out in September
  • b. Introduction – anonymity, process, and introduce new questions
    • i. Meghann to see if it is anonymous – can I see through TrackIt
      • 1. Idea to block “front page” user information



1. If items are old or have been tabled for some time, Joe will give an introduction to these topics before discussing updates

2. Defer the ideas until the retreat



1. All in agreement of yes

  • a. Note: difficult to follow when discussing old items without an introduction to the topic first