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LMC Meeting Notes 12/17/2013

DECEMBER 17, 2013 

Attendence: Din Belderrain, Stephen Bouffard, Kathleen Butler, Frank Dufay, Maria Eldred, Marian Gaylord, Kathy Goss, Mary Beth Henry, Scott Karter, Karen Obana, Terri Williams
Facilitator: Joe Hertzberg
Note Taker: Meghann Fertal
Handouts Distributed:

Draft October 22, 2013 meeting notes; Draft November 13, 2013 retreat meeting notes; Draft Equity Definition from The Portland Plan, LMBAC Budget Values and Guidelines 12/08/2010

1.  November 13 Retreat Notes - Approved
     a. Non-management / non-represented member discussion postponed to later in the meeting
2.  October 22 Notes - Approved

1.  Union Time - SAP
     a. Terri deferred to Meghann
     b. Meghann communicated with BHR Central Time Administrator, Mary Mills, regarding union time.  Mary stated that,
          i.    There are two codes that can be entered into the timesheet in regards to Union time. The ULUP code is Union Leave Union Paid (these codes charge the hours to the union) and ULCP Union Leave City Paid, these codes are charged to the city. I believe in order to use either of these codes you have to have approval from theUnionand there is language in the contracts regarding what is paid for by the Union/City.
     c. This means that time entry would be input if an exception to any time outside of normal work schedule, i.e. negotiations or mandated Union leave
     d. Final determination: the City no longer tracks ULCP, City Paid Union Time.  Therefore, there is no need to track time spent in the LMC  meetings nor the two allowed Labor Caucus meetings each month.

2.  DCTU Contract Negotiations
     a. BHR Business Partner, Maria Eldred, spoke on behalf of the City stating that no agreement or impasse has been reached.
     b. There will be a letter from the City sent to the DCTU member regarding the City proposals to the articles and the intent behind the decision.

3.  2014-15 Budget Process
     a. LMBAC / Revenue representation in OMF / City budget process
          i. Thomas advocated for the LMBAC with OMF Core Leadership team for this year’s stabilization budget
          ii. Update on add packages and subsidies for the pass-through funds
     b. Preamble to Budget Values and Guidelines:
          i. Karen and Scott worked together to create preamble and active-voice values and guidelines
               1. Change: Be mindful of public perception.
               2. Change: Maintain the high priority of our online services and new initiatives.
               3. Discussion: surrounding maintenance and increases of revenue v. efficiency and mindful behavior.
               4. Addition: Maintain or increase revenues fairly and appropriately.
               5. Addition: Prioritize funding of revenue generating activities. *Approved*
          ii.    Approved with changes above

4.  Customer Service Surveys – Post-phone Call:
     a. Deferred due to scheduling conflicts
     b. Meghann to invite Barbra to the next meeting

5.  All-Bureau Survey
     a. Topic deferred due to time constraints

6.  Definition and applications of equity, internal and external
     a. Two definitions given:
          i. Office of Equity and Human Rights Website
          11. CEC bylaws – presented and distributed by Labor
     b. More to come on the topic as OEHR progresses and groups
     c. Use equity as a guiding principle rather than a discussion topic
     d. Training / professional development / advancement opportunities / trainer transition
          i. Transition:
               1. High priority for tax division and manager will be moving forward quickly due to recruitment, hiring, and training for new individual
                    a. This is not something that can wait for LMC meetings and discussions
                    b. Manager is open to comments and suggestions for achieving success in the position
          ii. Training
               1. Focus on formalized coaching and mentoring to be discussed on 01/28/14 meeting
          iii. Training inventory
               1. Topics or key areas to develop
               2. Mentoring and peer-to-peer coaching
          iv. Topic deferred due to time constraints

7.  Non-represented, non-management members of LMC?
     a. Jen was appointed into a non-management / non- represented position and was appointed the vacancy on the Management Caucus
     b. Non-represented, non-management employees have not been contacted by management
          i.    Discussion regarding those employees’ interest in being a part of the LMC discussions
               1. Jen to informally ask about interest of non-represented / non-management staff in LMC discussion

1.  Check Cashing Policy
     a. To be kept under topic (E) Management decision
          i.    Management is requesting input from Labor
     b. Currently practiced in the Tax Division, but Management is requiring Policy to become bureau-wide
     c. Topic deferred due to time constraints

1. Agreed
      a. Appreciation for full and robust discussions due use of the sideways thumbs