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LMC Meeting Notes 02/11/2014


February 11, 2014


Din Belderrain, Stephen Bouffard, Kathleen Butler, Frank Dufay, Karla Frahler, Marian Gaylord, Scott Karter, Jen McFarland, Karen   Obana, Terri Williams


Joe Hertzberg

Note Taker:

Meghann Fertal

Handouts Distributed:

Draft December 17, 2013 meeting notes; After Call Survey Review; Customer Service Survey – Inbound Call; Customer Service Survey – Outbound Call; Customer Service Survey – Walk-In Center

1. December 17 notes
     a. Approved

2. Welcome new member
     b. Jen McFarland
     c. Introductions around the room

3. Updates

     a. 2014-15 budget process (F)
          i. No updates since last meeting
     b. DCTU Contract Update
          i. No updates since last meeting
     c. Non-represented, non-management employees and the LMC (D)
          i. Jen’s membership is not expected to be the non-represented, non-management represented group – she is here to represent herself

4. Customer Service Surveys – Post-phone Call (E)
     a. See handouts
     b. Minimum get the surveys on the website
     c. Intercept message
          i.    If you would like to complete a survey and go here AND this call is being recorded
     d. Labor: Does this negatively impact employees when directly named?
          i.    Management: General, there are rarely negative comments and even rarer to have one name an employee.
          ii.    Management: Copies of specifically named employees go to the supervisor and employees
     e. March 2012 notes:
          i.    Separate mailer to tax preparers as they make up 30% of Tax calls
          ii.    Customers shouldn’t be contacted more than 1 time in between 6-8 months
     f. Additional Question options:
          i.    What is the nature of the call?
     g. Management to bring full survey back at next meeting
          i.    Any suggestions to go to Barbra Rice

5. All-Bureau survey (E)
     a. Suggestions for next year:
          i.    The intention is to post comments
          ii.    A1ll comments are to be shared with the entire bureau, the only redaction level is specific name, negative comments directed toward an individual.
          iii.    Disclaimer of publishing comments
          iv.    In e-mail and in beginning of survey:
               1. Alert everyone that comments will be public and published
     b. This year’s comments:
          i.    Posting comments without division attribution
               1. Future – do not publish division attribution with comments
          ii.    Spirit behind removal is that it is anonymous
     c. ADD TO FEB 25 AGENDA:
          i. Themes
          ii. Responses
          iii. Actions

6. Training / professional development / advancement opportunities / trainer transition (E)
     a. Carrie is working on mentoring protocols and program together for transition
          i. Formalized coaching and mentoring
     b. Labor: have the expectations/duties of the position changed?
          i.    Management: No. ½ to training BL and ½ training customer service bureau-wide opportunities.  Base level training with Carrie, observational training with co-workers (phone calls, walk-ins), coordination through Carrie.
     c. Joe: how do we move forward on this topic?
          i.    Management: Define components, then prioritize
          ii.    Definitions:



Professional   Development

Advancement   Opportunities

*Internal, during planned working times
*Revenue Bureau programs
*What “we” do
*Peer mentoring
*Job shadowing
*Routine Classroom Training
*OMF onboarding
*Bureau onboarding
*Clarify job expectations
*Refresher trainings
*Individual accountability for communication

*Better themselves in the   position
*Could be outside of planned   working times
*High individual investment
*Mentoring between individual and   supervisor
*Job shadowing
*Builds mutual loyalty
*Communication in performance   review
*Ability to adopt outside   materials (IRS - VITA)

*Manage expectations
*Job shadowing
*Showing advancement path within bureau, OMF, City, and government as a whole.

          iii. Overall question:
                 1. How do we fund this?
     d. All: Homework
          i. Think about it
          ii. Are there missing definitions
          iii. What should the focus be?

7. Check-cashing policy (E)
     a. Deferred

8. Recognition (D)
     a. No All Staff Meeting occurred, however, the drawing occurred

9. New business
     a. None

10. Did we fully address issues and was our time well spent?
     a. Yes – appreciation for thorough discussion