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LMC Meeting Notes 02/25/2014


February 25, 2014



Din Belderrain, Stephen Bouffard, Kathleen Butler, Frank   Dufay, Karla Frahler, Marian Gaylord, Scott Karter, Thomas Lannom, Jen   McFarland, Julie Shervey, Terri Williams


Joe Hertzberg

Note Taker:

Meghann Fertal

Handouts Distributed:

Draft February 11, 2013 meeting notes

1. February 11 notes
     a. 5.a.ii.  Change to “All comments are to be shared with the entire bureau, the only redaction level is specific name, negative comments directed toward an individual.”
     b. 6.table:
          i. Training – Individual accountability for communication
          ii. Training – Bureau-specific programs to Revenue Bureau programs
          iii. Professional Development – VITA to IRS – VITA
          iv. Advancement Opportunity – add showing in front of advancement
     c. Approved with the above changes

2. Updates
     a. 2014-15 budget process
     b. DCTU Negotiations
          i. Impasse has been declared and mediation has started again
          ii. DCTU voted to reject contract, not to strike
               1. Another proposal to occur without a timeframe
     c. Customer Service Surveys – Post-phone Call (E)
          i.    Meghann to locate the surveys Barbra spoke about at the last meeting and sending to the rest of the group.

3. All-Bureau survey
     a. Recap of last meeting minutes
     b. Consistency of the questions, trend lines, and applicability to the current staff (high turnover rates).
     c. Themes:
          i. Training

                    1. Consistency over the years
                    2. High turnover rates
                    3. Opportunity to show that training is offered because of the Employee Satisfaction Survey
                    4. Towards common goals
          ii.    Communication
          iii.    Teamwork
          iv.    Listening
          v.    Morale
          vi.    Commitment
          v. Recommendations
          vii.    Supervision progress communication
     d. Communication from LMC as a follow-up to the above
          i.    Concentration on training with the following
          ii.    Sub-committee: Stephen and Kathleen to make a simple statement
          iii.    Completion within the next week
          iv.    To go out in addition to the normal intranet post

4. Training / professional development / advancement opportunities
     a. Training
          i.    Individual accountability definition query
               1. The individual needs to communicate is equally important as the supervisor communication
          ii.    OMF onboarding query
               1. New employee orientation by OMF
               2. Major focus of OMF
          iii.    Labor: How will this training be “driven”?
               1. Management: Program/division specific programs through management.
          iv.    Labor: Will there be or are there Training Manuals?:
               1. Management: Challenging, difficult to keep current and maintain
               2. Management: Wiki-knowledge bank, an intranet Blog option
               3. Management: Advantages to streamlining but is learning style dependent
          v.    Labor: Can labor help identify training issues?  What is the vehicle to tease those specifics?
               1. Management: Yes, there are two options, hold a meeting or submitting another survey on the intranet
     b. Professional Development
          i.    Clear connection between advancement opportunities and professional development
     c. Where should we go from here?
          i.    Brainstorming sessions to be held:
               1. All-bureau and Tax Division – Karla and Terri
               2. Regulatory – Marian, Frank, and Kathleen to lead
          ii.    Once brainstorming sessions are complete, the LMC will reconvene and look at the themes in the sessions
          iii.    Kathleen and Stephen to send an e-mail announcing the LMC initiative about training
          iv.    Meghann to send an e-mail with brainstorming sessions and pilot ESS training opportunity
               1. Other trainings brought up during LMC meeting – Microsoft 2013, timesheets, phones, customer service, ethics

5. Check-cashing policy
     a. Defer to next Meeting

6. New business
     a. None

7. Did we fully address issues and was our time well spent?
     a. Yes