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Revenue Division

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LMC Meeting Notes 04/22/2014


April 22, 2014



Din Belderrain, Stephen Bouffard, Kathleen   Butler, Frank Dufay, Karla Frahler, Marian Gaylord, Scott Karter, Thomas Lannom, Karen Obana, Julie Shervey


Joe Hertzberg

Note Taker:

Meghann Fertal

Handouts Distributed:

Draft February 25, 2013 meeting notes and DRAFT   Revenue Bureau Rule #11 – Procedures for Safeguarding Checks

1. Updates
     a. 2014-15 budget process
          i. Meghann to invite Janice to the next meeting
          ii. Requested a bump / carry over 1 time savings for pending lawsuit regarding collection agency
          iii. Labor requested more information regarding the move in May 2015 and how the budget would be affected by the move.
               1. Management responded that there are a lot of factors involved with the move and that they were unsure if or when it would occur due to the following reasons:
                    a. Proposed remodel of PDX building
                    b. OMF Review – Revenue and Finance Bureau

                         i. City Council review May 22
                    c. Restack plan – proposal to 1900 Building
     b. Reorganization of OMF
          i. No new information since the proposal that was sent by the Mayor and Fred Miller
     c. Customer Service Surveys – post-phone call

          i. Automated solution – Julie to keep contact with Comnet and Water

          ii. Meghann to invite Barbra for finalized questions

          iii. Kathleen to follow-up with closing the rest out

2. Training
     a. Karla and Terri conducted 3 sessions

          i. 2 All-bureau sessions held 03/11 and 3/20

          ii. 1 Tax Division session held 03/13
               a. 1 session missed due to high volume of calls

          iii. Karla to send an e-mail to sense whether there is a desire to find out if there is an additional Tax Division session
     b. Regulatory

          i. Started to gather ideas in preparation for a meeting that Kathleen will hold
               1. Clear themes and direction for meeting
     c. Meghann to do Outlook training – proposed for early June
     d. Karla and Terri to bring data and themes for the 2 different training sessions

          i. Meghann to schedule meeting with Karla, Terri, and Meghann for discussion around training sessions
     e. Kathleen, Marian, and Frank to bring themes from Regulatory Meeting
     f. Can the LMC advocate for bigger citywide programs – MPA, degrees, etc.?
     g. Thomas meets with Citywide Equity Committee (Rhonda & Anne) to discuss a possible all-bureau training.
          i. Rhonda and Anne are to plan and coordinate with the Equity Committee
          ii. The training must have: Customer Service and Equity components

3. Professional Development
     a. Nothing
     b. Deferred to next meeting – dependent on themes from brainstorming sessions

4. Advancement Opportunities
     a. Nothing
     b. Deferred to next meeting – dependent on themes from brainstorming sessions

5. Check Cashing Policy
     a. Realities of what Revenue Bureau experiences
     b. Handout: DRAFT RB-11 Procedures for Safeguarding Checks
     c. Discussion around timeframe:

          i. Resolution for check with Citywide Administrative Rules – 48hrs
                    1. Exceptions – within one week of the postmark date
          ii. Scope our minimums to equalize minimums between citywide and revenue rules
               1. Exceptions for pockets of timeframe
          iii. Scott to look at new proposed citywide rule and will make the discussed changes to the DRAFT prior to sending out to LMC
          iv. Item to come off of agenda

6. New Business
     a. Labor: Overtime for Tax Division – appropriation, distribution, and offerings

          i. If the overtime and regular time is designated to Arts calls – how is this allocated and accounted for in the budget?  Is the time dedicated being accurately recorded?
               1. Management looks at each year uniquely – where is the pressure lies from Council, media, or public and whether there are still  unidentified payers / accounts

          ii. Why are the lower RTS classifications receiving the overtime rather than the higher RTS classifications?
               1. DCTU – Organization Equalization
               2. Not trained to do the projects that are needed for overtime i.e. Arts entry
          iii. If labor would like to know more, Karla to speak on their behalf and set-up a meeting with Terri and Karla to discuss concerns / questions
     b. Conference rooms and meeting rooms

          i. Labor has requested that there be communication prior to taking away the communal conference / meeting rooms
     c. Should we move /cancel April meetings?
          i. Cancel April meeting unless the March meeting has been cancelled