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LMC Meeting Notes 07/30/2014


April 22, 2014



Stephen Bouffard, Rachel Cleveland, Leroy Creel, Karla Frahler, Josh Gregor, Scott Karter, Karen Obana, Julie Shervey, Terri Williams


Joe Hertzberg

Note Taker:

Meghann Fertal

Handouts Distributed:

Draft April 22, 2014 Meeting Notes version 2; Principles, Constraints, and Considerations for Office Moves (June 18, 2012)

1. New Members
     a. Labor: Adrienne Brown-Dunn, Rachel Cleveland, Leroy Creel, and Josh Gregor

2. Review of April 22, 2014 Meeting Notes
     a. One change - 6.a.i.1.:
          (1) Management looks at each year uniquely - where the pressure lies: from Council, media, or public and whether there are still unidentified payers / accounts

3. Reorganization
     a. Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

          i. Goes to Council in August

          ii. CFO Recruitment in September/October
          iii. Revenue Bureau becomes Revenue Division
               (1) Revenue
               (2) Financial Services
               (3) Grants
               (4) Accounting
               (5) Treasury
     b. Future location is unknown; co-location of the rest of the division is unknown, but will not occur now.

     c. Our lease is up May 2015, an extension is possible, but unknown at this moment.
     d. Transfer of Regulatory Division

          i. Leah Treat has delegated authority to Thomas Lannom until 08/31/2014
               (1) With the exception of budget, SAP, and time keeping
               (2) Projected move date, as of today, is end of August
               (3) Allison Madsen will be moving to a different bureau - no date given yet
          ii. Towing Coordinator position is open
     e. Training position
          i. Recruitment to open August 11 or August 18
          ii. Internal recruitment
          iii. Labor: will the position look the same as it does now?
               (1) Management: yes, but most of the extras that Carrie does, are because of her tenure.  Reports, tax season lead, and automation are being carefully looked at. 
               (2) Adrienne offered a RTS Lead position for October tax mail sort and for training
               (3) Carrie to return as a retiree for April tax season
          iv. Labor: will this be a true training position?
               (1) Management: yes, this position would also look at call monitoring, coaching, and training.  A focus on listening to calls - customer service.

4. Review Principles, Constraints, and Considerations for Office Moves (June 18, 2012)
     a. Discussion regarding #5
          i. Labor: a possible look at fairness is looking at seniority and classification for space/location
          ii. Proposal: Be aware of perceptions of fairness and equity
     b. Discussion regarding #6
          i. Proposal: Consider constraints such as logistics, space, timing, sequence, furniture, and equipment
     c. Discussion regarding #7
          i. Give and take principle - what is the best option?
     d. Discussion regarding #8
          i. Perceptions of fairness - examples, needs to be close to front counter, needs to be close big meeting space because of large public meetings
          ii. Labor: can Rivers Conference Room be broken down into two rooms
               (1) Management: It is a fire issue due to the badge lock mechanisms and Outlook booking constraints
     e. Move #11 to end
     f. Move #14 up to #10
     g. Are there other considers when people join groups?
           i. Introductions, assimilations, integrations
          ii. Proposal: consider taking actions to positively enhance pre- and post- move issues.
     h. Add title with bullets: "In additions to considerations of physical space..."
          i. Joe to share his written notes with Meghann
          ii. Meghann to share completed changes to LMC
     i. Consideration: we are now a new bureau, no longer Revenue - keep in mind that things may change with CFO placement.

5. Customer Service Surveys - Post Phone Call
     a. Send out random postcards to inbound callers who have had a note placed in their account.
          i. How do we survey Regulatory customers?
          ii. Tax and Audit would come from BLIS and ARTS
     b. What needs to be done now?
          i. BLIS and ARTS are the programs getting polled - this would include any departments and divisions using those programs
     c. Item to come off of the agenda 

6. Updates
     a. 2014 Employee Satisfaction Survey
          i. Meghann to print 2013 copies for new people
          ii. Postpone for next meeting

7. Training / Professional Development / Advancement Opportunities
     a. Training Update
          i. Figure 8 Training - bureau wide training occurred by Equity Committee
          ii. Classroom training - recent Tax Division promotions and hires - 3 days a week receive dedicated group training and coaching and uninterrupted work time at desk
     b. Brainstorming Results
          i. Training Committee - Executive Team to discuss at next meeting
               (1) May look at all three sections: Training / Professional Development / Advancement Opportunities
     c. Where do we go from here?
          i. Executive Team to discuss
          ii. Assist committee in scope and expectations of guidelines

8. New business
     a. None

9. Did we fully address issues and was our time well spent?
     a. Yes.