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LMC Meeting Notes 08/26/2014


August 26, 2014


Stephen Bouffard, Adrienne Brown-Dunn, Rachel   Cleveland, Leroy Creel, Karla Frahler, Josh Gregor, Scott Karter, Thomas   Lannom, Karen Obana, Terri Williams


Joe Hertzberg

Note Taker:

Meghann Fertal

Handouts Distributed:

Draft July 30, 2014 Meeting Notes version 2;   Principles, Constraints, and Considerations for Office Moves (June 18, 2012)


  1. New Members / Introductions
  2. Labor: Adrienne Brown-Dunn


  1. Review of April 22, 2014 Meeting Notes
  2. Change – 3.a

                    i.            Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

  1. Change – 3.a.iii.:

(1)   Delete Financial Services


  1. New Business
  2. LMC of Revenue; question of an expansion to BRFS LMC

                    i.            Do the other units (Grants, Accounting, and Treasury) have represented staff?

                  ii.            Ultimately a CFO question of whether there is an expansion?

  1. Proposal from Labor: regularly paid 1-hour meeting for all AFSCME members

                    i.            Leroy to distribute proposal

                  ii.            Management: if possible, what is the proposal for the timeframe in relation to the caucus and the monthly LMC meeting

                iii.            Management: COPPEA, is there a need to have something similar to that represented group?

                 iv.            Management: if possible, what would be the structure of the meeting?  Example, agenda, leadership (steward or co-chairs)


  1. Reorganization
  2. Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services

                    i.            CFO recruitment is ongoing, projected to conclude in November

                  ii.            Extend lease of up to 3 years for Revenue Staff goes to Council 08/27

(1)   Future of Portland Building is unclear

(2)   Labor: What happened to moving to the 1900 Building?

(a)   Management: BDS is expanding their staff dramatically

(b)   Management: The need for the walk-in friendly area, mostly from Regulatory Division, is no longer a need for BRFS.

(3)   Labor: Is Grants and Treasury in City Hall?

(a)   Management: No, they are in the Portland building

  1. Regulatory Division Move

                    i.            Thomas met with PBOT and the Regulatory Staff will continue to be physically located with Revenue until the end of the calendar year, 12/31/2014.

                  ii.            Complete supervisory oversight is going to PBOT as of 09/01/2014.

                iii.            Most likely, Allison will be moving sooner than the rest of the division as she is supervised by a different group.

  1. Labor: what will the All Staff Meeting agenda look like?

                    i.            Introductions; Terri Williams

                  ii.            Equity Committee Update; Diana Marshall

                iii.            Green Team Update; Josh Gregor

                 iv.            LMC Committee Update; Karla Frahler

                   v.            Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services (BRFS), CFO, office space; Thomas Lannom

                 vi.            Regulatory move; Thomas Lannom

               vii.            Transportation User Fee (TUF); Thomas Lannom

             viii.            311; Thomas Lannom


  1. Principles, Constraints, and Considerations for Office Moves
  2. No 10.: Consider special accommodations if needed?  Limited feedback or no feedback due to privacy issues, typically a medical need
  3. No. 11: Consider business / supervisory needs
  4. Move forward with the changes listed above


  1. Training / professional development / advancement opportunities
  2. Formation of the Training (Steering) Committee

                    i.            Assist the trainer and the bureau – assist in coordination and research

                  ii.            Joe: Will it address all three topics or just training?

(1)   Management: It will assist training, coaching, and mentoring; which leads toward professional development and advancement opportunities.

(2)   Labor: it is targeting the underlying base of normal work needs so that employees can have professional development and advancement opportunities

                iii.            Labor: What is the composition of the committee?

(1)   Labor and management: should be composed of both labor and management

(2)   Participation of employees outside of LMC

                 iv.            Management: What is the scope and structure of the committee?

                   v.            Labor: Is this a Revenue Division?  Or the expansion of BRFS?

(1)   Management: Set-up as Revenue Division

(2)   Management: “White Board Exercise”

(a)   Problem statement: How do we help staff achieve professional development and advancement opportunities?

(i)     A need exists to … better

  1. coordinate training opportunities
  2. focus limited training resources
  3. identify specific bureau-wide training needs and issues
  4. develop and/or identify coaching and/or mentoring programs
    1. Some may be outside of the Revenue Bureau
    2. certification and accreditation for advancement
    3. show an advancement path within bureau, OMF, City-wide
    4. develop “in-house” trainer resources
    5. offer cross-training / job-shadowing
      1. Labor: is there a Working Out of Class issue?
      2. Management: training does not, only a certain % of their time
      3. participate in on-boarding of new employees

(b)   How can the committee assist in these needs?:

(c)    Are there other Training Committees in the City or Governments that we can look at?

(d)   Develop structure to coaching / mentoring / job shadowing programs

(i)     Similar to Equity Committee

(e)   Membership should be bureau-wide from all workgroups

(f)     Manage expectations; participating … does not guarantee advancement opportunities

(g)   Produce tangible results

(3)   What’s next?

(a)   Management: would like to see a working model

(b)   Karla to research and present to Thomas


  1. 2014 Employee Survey
  2. Thomas will be talk to Fred regarding adding the other units in BRFS
  3. Labor: maintaining the integrity of the baseline and closed ended questions and finding a way to present the open ended questions to everybody so that they are not associated with the demographic identifies.  Create more anonymous feedback – the spirit behind answering the open-ended questions is providing feedback. 


Action Items:

  • Leroy to distribute LMC proposal of a regularly scheduled meeting
  • Karla to research training committees and present information to Thomas