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Office of Management & Finance

Revenue Division

Arts Tax: 503-865-4278

Business Taxes: 503-823-5157

111 SW Columbia St, Suite 600, Portland, OR 97201

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All Staff Meeting Minutes 01/13/15

Revenue All Staff Meeting

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
9am - 10am
Lunchroom, Columbia Square

Introduction - Ken Rust, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services (BRFS)

  • Overview of Ken's personal and professional history
  • What groups comprises the Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services
      • Revenue
        PBOT Street Fee
      • Procurement Services
        Work with Christine Moody within SAP for Procure to Pay
      • Grants Management
      • Central Accounting
      • Treasury
        PCI Compliance
      • Accounting
        Controller to be filled within the next few weeks
        New standard for pension
    • Working on long term financial health and sustainability
    • A close look at retirement and security, PERS investments

Introductions - New Employees

  • Fritz Pieper, Budget Accounting Unit - Accountant II
  • Huitzilli Rios-Martinez, Arts - Revenue and Taxation Specialist II
  • Joan Keiski, Arts - Revenue and Taxation Specialist II

LMC Update

  • New Labor Co-Chairs - Karla Frahler and Adrienne Brown-Dunn
  • Labor Members - Leroy Creel, Rachel Cleveland, Josh Gregor, Karen Obana
    • One open seat, pending a decision by the labor members
  • Minutes are available on the intranet
  • Topics for meetings include budget, Employee Satisfaction Survey, training opportunities
  • If you have an idea, please approach the LMC Members

Fun Committee Update

  • Baby Face Contest - pictures due January 15, contest is 01/20 - 01/27

Green Team Update

  • OMF Action Items for 2015
    • Trivia Section in Green Matters - win a cup!
    • Compost bin - food only!
    • Please recycle

Safety Committee Update

  • Accidents happen when:
    • Rushing
    • Frustration
    • Complacency
  • Radios and Flashlights have all been updated
    • Safety bins are in need of an update as there are expired items in them
  • Open Spots - please contact Allen Buller if you have any interest in participating

Equity Committee Update

  • Co-Chairs are Veronica Avila-Serna and Nidra Madison
  • Toy and Joy Drive was a success
  • Equity 101 Training is in Room C of the Portland Building on January 27 from 9am - 12pm
  • Open seats - please contact Veronica or Nidra if you have any interest in participating

New Sign-in Procedures

  • The policy is available online
  • All employees are expected to read and understand the policy
  • Here are a few reminders from the policy
    • Division employees (and others stationed at this location full-time) must wear their badge above their waist
    • All visitors (24/7/365) must sign in using the iPad at the Front Counter before entering the Division including:
      • White Badge (list emailed 01/2015) - sign in and out, no escort
      • Green Badge - sign in and out, no escort
      • Red Badge - sign in and out, always escorted
      • Lunch visitor or taxi test - sign in and out, no access beyond Break Room / Training Room without have a badge and an escort
  • All employees are expected to politely challenge any person in the secure work area who is unrecognized and not clearly displaying an access badge
  • All employees are expected to challenge unauthorized personnel attempting to enter the Restricted Area, including co-workers, postal workers, and police officers
  • There is no exception to this policy for former Division employees.  Any guest that is granted access to our secure workplace MUST sign in and out and wear the appropriate badge.  If your guest has a Red Badge, they must be escorted at all times.  They cannot be left in a conference room by themselves nor can they wander around our work area unescorted.
  • People meeting in the Rivers Conference Room or any of the small rooms off of the lobby do not need to sign in and out as long as they enter and exit through the lobby and are not taken into our secure workplace.  If they need to accompany you to your work space/office, they must sign in and get the appropriate badge before being allowed into our secure workplace.
  • Service personnel with red badges (printer repair, etc.) must also be escorted at all times.
  • EXCEPTION - the uniformed postal  worker and Printing & Distribution delivery employees (white badge access) are restricted to the mailroom only.  They do not need to sign in and out but must be escorted.
  • Guests can sign in at the front door and sign out at the back door.  They do not need to use the same iPad.

Access levels summarized

Access Level Description Badge Type & Color Sign-in Required? Escort Required? Background Check Required? Confidentiality Oath Required?
1 (High) Access to the secure work area City-issued white ID/card key Yes No Yes Yes
2 (Intermediate) Restricted entry, unrestricted movement within the secure work area Division-issued Green Yes No Yes Yes
3 (Low) Restricted entry and movement within the secure work area (escort required) Division-issued Red Yes Yes No No
4 (No secure work area access) Break room or training room access only, no movement within the secure work area None Yes No Access No No
  • Note: Entry into the IRS Restricted Area is not shown above.

Security Safe Guards

  • This presentation will become available soon - ask Jennifer McFarland if you have any questions
  • Exploration of a new platform/database system for BLIS, Arts, TL, and CAS
    • Writing the plan
    • Scoping the budget
    • Meeting with leading vendors

Portland Street Fund

  • Progressive Income Tax - residential/individual side
  • Business tax that takes into account - square footage, size, number of employees
  • Advisory ballot - May 2015
  • Implementation will not be able to happen for Tax Year 2015
  • If a change occurs, it will be 2016