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Administrative Rule 020.17-2 Definition of Consulate Identity Card

 Revenue Division Secondhand Dealers

Secondhand Dealers

Administrative Rule 020.17-2 Definition of Consulate Identity Card


“Consulate Identity Card” means a Mexican Matricula Consular issued after 2014 or an identity card issued by a consulate located in the United States with an application process and cards that meet the following criteria: 

1.   The applicant must be a citizen of the country served by the consulate and must apply for the card in person; and

2.   In addition to fingerprints and digital photographs, the applicant must provide:
          a.   A birth certificate from the country served by the consulate; and
          b.   An official ID from that country, such as a voter ID card; and
          c.   Proof of address within the issuing consulate’s consular district.

3.   The consulate’s ID database must be linked to a national security database in the home country; and

4.   The issuance of the consulate ID is supported by a centralized system to avoid duplications and confirm the authenticity of required documents and information; and

5.   Consulates must have access to an electronic consular ID database.

6.   The identity cards must be printed on plastic and incorporate security features including but not limited to:
         a.   Visible and invisible marks;
         b.   A background design with high quality print and micro test frames;
         c.   Text with different colors of ink;
         d.   Embedded identity data on a cryptographic chip;
         e.   A clear photograph;
         f.   A laser engraved unique card number. 

A Dealer should contact the Portland Police Bureau if there are questions about whether an identity card from a country other than Mexico will serve as acceptable identification for Secondhand transactions.

Signed by: Thomas W. Lannom

                                                                                                              June 5, 2017

____________________________________                                      ___________________________

Thomas W. Lannom                                                                             Date Adopted


Revenue Division