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Portland Protected Sick Time Ordinance

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Record Keeping FAQs



Q:  What records need to be kept for Employees earning and using Sick Time(New -12/24/2013)

A:  The employer must track employees’ accrual and usage (See PTO exceptions) of sick days and keep records in a manner consistent with current standards regarding employment records under state law.  (Revised 12/24/2013)


Q: Does an Employer who has a PTO in place need to keep records?   (New 12/24/13)

A: The Administrative Rules state: “An employer with a PTO policy in compliance with the Ordinance is not required to maintain records showing Employee reasons for use of the paid leave.” A PTO is a policy that allows paid time off of both Vacation and Sick Leave so an employee can take it for either. Record keeping will be necessary to keep track of use just not type of use. This applies in both the frontloaded and the earned PTO situations.


Q: Are there rules about when and how employees must report taking their sick time?

A: An employer must have a reasonable written policy or standard for employees to follow when they need to call in sick (for themselves or a family member). When leave is foreseeable, employees are required to contact the employer according to the requirements of the written policy, such as in the case of a preventive care appointment. If leave is foreseeable, the employee should also make a reasonable effort to schedule leave in a manner that does not unduly disrupt operations for their employer. Where sick leave is not foreseeable, employees must notify their employer before the start of their shift or as soon as is practicable.