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Sustainability at Work

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Tips to save energy at your office

Whether you lease or own your space, there are lots of things you can do at your office to reduce energy use.

There are many no- and low-cost steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption and control costs. And some upgrades are eligible for cash incentives from Energy Trust of Oregon.

Lighting, computers and heating and cooling

Turn off lights when not in use or when natural daylight is sufficient. This can reduce lighting expenses by 10 to 40 percent!

Upgrade your lighting with new energy-efficient bulbs and fixtures, and use controls to save energy and improve lighting quality. Cash incentives may be available from Energy Trust. Or purchase reduced-cost bulbs through the LAMP program, which gives a portion of proceeds to Central City Concern (this program is run by Lloyd Eco District, but is open to all organizations in Portland).

Office equipment

Set computers, computer monitors, printers, copiers and other office equipment to sleep when not in use.

Consolidate stand-alone office equipment to be shared by multiple users. Typical cost savings can reach 30 to 40 percent for electricity, hardware, supplies, and maintenance!

Heating and cooling

Set back thermostats for evening and weekend hours, and adjust temperatures seasonally. Or even better, install programmable thermostats to automatically reduce heating and air conditioning during closed hours. Cash incentives may be available.

Close your shades and blinds in the summer to keep your office cool – during the day, and before everyone goes home in the evening and on weekends.

Get expert help

Talk with Energy Trust about how to take the next step and improve the efficiency of your workplace.

Energy Trust of Oregon 866-368-7878, or online at

Certified businesses shine in Willamette Week

The June 6, 2018 issue of Willamette Week highlights Sustainability at Work certified businesses.

Congratulations certified businesses!

We’re happy to recognize Sustainability at Work certified businesses in this week’s Willamette Week.

Grab a copy of the June 6 issue and flip to the middle of the paper to see two pages of Portland organizations proudly walking the sustainability talk.

Thank you to certified businesses for demonstrating a commitment to climate action through efforts in recycling and compost, energy and water efficiencies, sustainable transportation and community engagement.

Willamette Week ad June 6 2018
View full-size pdf. *All businesses certified before May 1 are included in the ad. Those certified more recently can be found in the Green Business Directory.

Not yet certified?

It’s free! But it will take some sweat equity — you’ll have to make sure your workplace has its sustainable operations in order.

Download the certification application that best fits your organization and contact us if you have questions: 503-823-7037

3 tips to bring bike riders to your business

Set up (free!) bike racks and promote your bike friendly offerings.

attract cyclists to your business

The sun’s out and so are the cyclists! Here are some ways you can bring more bike riders to your business.

Bike racks

Did you know the City of Portland will install bike racks in front of your business for free?

The bright blue bike racks attract riders’ attention. Even if their destination is further down the street, if you’ve got the parking spot, they’ll spend a few moments in front of your business both when they arrive and when they leave. Request a rack.

Or get creative and have a custom art rack created that accentuates your business. We’ve seen all kinds of fun racks around town: giant eyeglasses, a pink doughnut, a Fremont Bridge replica, and an enormous baking whisk.

Be a Bike Friendly Business

If you run a retail store, restaurant, coffee shop or bar, show that you welcome bicyclists through Travel Portland’s Bike Friendly Business program.

The program is free, and the signs to post in front of your business start at only $26. Check it out.

Offer perks and discounts

From dentists to physical therapists, we’ve see Portland businesses offer discounts for customers who arrive by bike. Even a small perk can get a customer’s attention and build loyalty to your business.

Test your environmental IQ

Learn how Portlanders are creating energy in surprising ways, and how to use just one paper towel.

Fun facts for Earth Day

Think you know how to use a paper towel? You might reconsider after watching this 5-minute TED Talk from Portlander Joe Smith.

Do you know how your food choices affect climate change? Test your know-how in this 10-question quiz.

What do leftover office doughnuts have to do with climate change? Learn the answer plus many more fascinating food facts and creative climate solutions.

Did you know that Portland is creating energy from some surprising sources, including food scraps from businesses and (ahem) the stuff we flush.

Ready for more? Find more interesting information, and ideas for taking action in your own life, at Portland’s Climate Action Now website and in this month’s Drawdown EcoChallenge.

Reduce Reuse Recaffeinate 2018

The Earth Month BYO coffee cup campaign is back and better than ever.

From April 1-30, 2018, a group of Portland green teams sweetens your switch to reusable coffee mugs—and encourages you to use reusable shopping bags, water bottles and waste-free lunches.

Reduce Reuse Recaffeinate 2018

In celebration of Earth Month 2018, Portlanders who choose to reuse—use a reusable mug, water bottle, shopping bag or lunch container—between April 1 – 30 can get entered into a raffle to win prizes!

How does it work?

1. Download a Reduce Reuse Recaffeinate plus card.

2. Initial or punch your card every time you bring your own coffee cup, shopping bag, water bottle or waste-free lunch.

3. Email a picture of your card (with at least one punch in each column) by April 30, 2018 to be entered to win prizes (email to

Valid for workplaces located within Portland.

Get your workplace involved

Post the Reduce, Reuse, Recaffeinate poster and distribute punch cards.

Reduce Reuse Recaffeinate poster  Reduce Reuse Recaffeinate punch card

Make it easy

  • Put punch cards in an envelope attached to the poster to make it easy for coworkers to get started.
  • Hang the poster and punch-cards near the door where coworkers head out to get coffee.
  • If you have reusable mugs in your break-room or kitchen, pull them out of the cupboard and put them in a more noticeable place with a reminder about the Reduce Reuse Recaffeinate Plus campaign.
  • Give your workplace’s closest coffee shop a head’s up. You can even ask if they’d be willing to hang a poster.

Organized by Corporate Sustainability Collaborative

Corporate Sustainability Collaborative

The Corporate Sustainability Collaborative is a group of green teams from different Portland organizations who work together to engage employees around sustainability. This is the fourth year they’ve organized the Reduce Reuse Recaffeinate campaign for Earth Month.