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Sustainability at Work

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logoAs a community of practice, Mahlum makes places that promote learning, wellness, healing, and more. Mahlum seeks work that serves the whole rather than the individual as they believe in the power of design to connect them to each other and to the earth. Deeply rooted in the Northwest, strong design value guides every aspect of the firm. Mahlum strives to design architecture that is poetic, enduring and inspiring. By creating spaces that consistently express the culture, aspirations and identity of the communities Mahlum serves, the distinctive character of each is honored.


Gold Certification

  • Monitor carbon footprint, since 2009, in an effort to educate employees and reduce carbon use whenever possible.
  • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing used to reduce commuting between the two offices.
  • Office-wide lighting remodel minimized high-energy light fixtures.
  • Individual desk occupancy sensors eliminate energy waste when employees are not at their desks.
  • Recycle non-curbside items, including plastic bags and film, cork, Styrofoam, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, and electronic equipment.
  • Composts food waste.
  • Compensation offered to employees commuting by biking, walking, carpooling, or public transportation.
  • Implemented sustainable catering policy and eliminated use of individual boxed lunches during events.

  • Eliminated trash cans at individual working stations.
  • Purchase renewable energy for more than 50% of the power used in the Portland office.
  • Participate in bicycle commute challenges (since 2007).

Mahlum staff 

Mahlum recycling area


1231 NW Hoyt St Ste 102, Portland, OR 97209