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The City of Portland, Oregon

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MIG, Inc.


logoMIG believes that the environment around us has a profound impact on our lives. MIG plans, designs and sustains environments that support human development. MIG is a community of designers, planners, engineers, scientists and storytellers engaging, involving and acting with people in creative problem solving.

Silver Certification

  • MIG actively practices a strategic, context-driven and holistic approach, addressing social, political, economic and environmental factors in each of their projects while simultaneously embracing inclusivity and encouraging community interaction.
  • MIG offers a pre-tax transit pass and bicycle incentive program as well as an on-site bike room, with pump and repair kit, and showers and lockers for employees as part of their effort to actively encourage alternative methods of transportation. This has helped increase their bike and transit commuter number to 98% participation. Company transit information and practices are outlined on a handy information page for staff, which includes additional commuting information for the Portland Metro region.
  • MIG maintains a corporate carshare account with ZipCar, enabling staff members to use a vehicle for a short period of time when needed for meetings and workshops. This allows them to leave their own vehicles at home on days they would otherwise need to drive. They also strongly encourage carpooling when possible between coworkers and subconsultants. Additionally, an added benefit for staff members is the ability to obtain personal carshare accounts at a reduced cost to reduce their own carbon footprint.
  • The Portland office has actively been participating in the BTA Bike Commute Challenge since 2006. They've have added new riders each year, and had a 58% commute and a 1467 mile average from 2008-2011.
  • MIG regularly conducts meetings via teleconference and when possible, video conference, to effectively reduce business travel. They chose their Portland office location largely due to its immediate proximity to the MAX line downtown, allowing their staff members and clients to easily walk, bike or utilize public transit. This directly increases their overall commuting percentage and also reduces the use of cabs and car rentals, especially for clients and staff traveling to and from the Portland airport.
  • The Portland MIG office has promoted the building of community through donated Landscape Design services on several area projects. They coordinated with Harpers Playground in providing design concepts toward envisioning an inclusive play area for children and adults alike. Two members of the Portland office, in collaboration with the NW Trails Alliance, contributed services in designing East Portland’s Ventura Park pump track, a mountain biking opportunity for area enthusiasts. Additionally, MIG donated design services to Rex Putnam Ballfields’ regenerative landscape effort and to the Tigard Waterwise Demonstration Garden.
  • MIG makes a point of purchasing 100% recycled laser and copy paper as well as office and kitchen supplies with recycled content whenever possible.
  • MIG promotes its internal sustainability efforts in recycling, waste reduction and energy and water conservation by informing new employees of current efforts in its Northwest Best Practices orientation sheet.
  • The MIG Portland office participates in its own composting program and safely recycles all computer equipment, toners, batteries and other hazardous materials, along with paper, glass and aluminum. They also utilize leftover newspaper end rolls (from area newspaper publications) for use in wallgraphic recording for meetings and workshops.
  • To conserve energy, MIG has all printers and computer monitors set to go to sleep after 20 minutes, and computers are fully shut down each night. Office printer settings are set to default to print double-sided to conserve paper. Any leftover single-sided prints are saved and made into notepads for office use.
  • MIG provides reusable glasses, coffee mugs, plates and silverware for staff in order to eliminate unnecessary paper and packaging waste. They also provide reusable containers for use in picking up lunch from local food carts and restaurants, and have eliminated bottled water.
  • Additionally, as an alternative, employees may opt to work remotely when feasible.
  • MIG has participated in Parking Day since 2011, setting up a “parklet” over two parking spaces on 2nd Avenue to promote parks in the city of Portland.

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815 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97204