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Workplace electric vehicle charging

Workplace Charging ChallengeDid you know that Oregon is one of the top markets in the country for electric vehicles? Employers can encourage and support electric vehicle commuting by providing vehicle charging at work. 

Drive Oregon, a state-supported nonprofit organization, has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy Workplace Charging Challenge to help businesses develop a strategy for accommodating electric vehicle commuters. This can be as simple as allowing employees to plug into an existing outlet and use a dollar or two of electricity, or it can involve dedicated equipment from vendors who bill employees.

Advantages of electric vehicles
Plug-in electric vehicles
can offer consumers significant advantages over gasoline-powered vehicles, including savings on fuel costs, added convenience from home refueling, and reduced maintenance costs. As employees adopt the new technology, the option to charge at work is increasingly being sought out by commuters.

Benefits to employers
An employer providing EV charging gains sustainability visibility, LEED points, and employee attraction and retention, among other advantages.

Take the pledge
Employers pledging to be a part of the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging demonstrate leadership and receive special recognition from the DOE and Drive Oregon. The Challenge Pledge steps are:

  1. Commit: Complete the pledge (Email Zach Henkin at Drive Oregon to pledge) and identify a primary contact for Workplace Charging inquires.
  2. Assess: Assess charging demand at one or more worksites.
  3. Plan: Develop a Partner Plan within six months of signing the pledge.
  4. Communicate: Publicly announce partnership in the DOE Workplace Charging Challenge and a plan for workplace charging within six months of signing the pledge.
  5. Share: Report workplace charging progress and plans on an annual basis.

To pledge, email Zach Henkin with Drive Oregon, who will help you with the DOE pledge process so you can access resources more quickly.

Chevy Volt chargingGet resources and recognition
Employers who take the Pledge can access technical assistance, informational resources, and an information-sharing forum. The Workplace Charging Challenge website offers employer handbooks, a sample employee survey, fact sheets, case studies and more. Successes will be recognized, and the best practices that pledge-takers identify will be shared with other businesses.

This Portland firm’s already on board!
Gold Certified JLA Public Involvement joined the Workplace Charging Challenge last year. Their charging station, installed in early 2013, provides power for the company's vehicle as well as three employee vehicles. Learn more about what they’ve done.