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LED lighting: why upgrade?

Lighting makes a big difference in how we feel in a shop, restaurant or workplace. Think about it – would you rather walk into a bright, sunlit cafe or a dimly lit conference room with a flickering, buzzing light overhead?

By upgrading your lighting, you can improve employee and customer experience, thereby boosting productivity and sales.

LED lighting has rapidly developed as an excellent lighting option. It produces great quality light with a fraction of the energy use of standard lighting. 


Save money

Lighting systems account for about 1/3 of your workplace energy use. If your current lighting gives off heat, you also may be paying to cool the space.

New LED replacement bulbs on the market can cut your costs by up to 75 percent. LEDs also last a long time, saving you the hassle and cost of replacing burnt-out bulbs.

Plus, in many cases, Energy Trust of Oregon incentives can cover up to half of the eligible project costs. 

What types of lights can LEDs replace?

Track and flood lighting are easy to upgrade to LEDs.

track lighting

Track and flood lighting are common in restaurants, shops, and office conference rooms or hallways.

Overhead tube lighting does have LED options, but the whole light fixture – not just the bulbs – must be replaced. Do not mix regular tubes with LED replacements – this could be hazardous.

Read more about how to properly, and safely, install LED tube lighting.

New limited time instant incentives!

For a limited time during 2014, Energy Trust of Oregon can help you save energy and money with LEDs - a discount of nearly half the original cost!

When you purchase from a distributor participating in the Lighten Up with LEDs promotion, you can apply at order time to have your distributor instantly reduce the purchase price of qualifying LED lamps by the Energy Trust incentive amount.

Questions about where to start, or want free assistance? Contact us, or contact a no-cost Energy Trust lighting specialist of Trade Ally lighting contractor.

For more information, visit Energy Trust’s website on commercial lighting.

Or, click here for a list of participating distributors.