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4 ways to get coworkers excited about Earth Day

green team1. Give ‘em the stats

Did you know recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours? Or that recycling creates four jobs for every one job created in waste management and disposal industries? 

True or False? Ten seconds of idling your car wastes more gas than restarting. (True.) Americans throw out 25% of the food they buy each year. (True.)

Which uses more water to produce? A pound beef or a pound of chicken? Beer or coffee? Find out.

We love a good infographic! Check out these graphics about electronics, idling, plastic recycling, and food waste.

electronics   idling   unplug   food waste

Information is key. Find more informative recycling stats and then share what you've learned with your coworkers. 

2. Don’t just tell them, show them

Videos are a great way to educate and engage. Email them to staff, show them at the start of a meeting, or organize a brown bag.

How to use a paper towel

Only 5 minutes! You use paper towels to dry your hands every day, but chances are, you're doing it wrong. In this enlightening and funny short talk, Joe Smith reveals the trick to perfect paper towel technique. (Filmed at TEDxConcordiaUPortland.)

The Story of Stuff

Where does our stuff come from, and where does it go after it we toss it in the trash? This engaging 20-minute video has been watch over 40 million times in the five years since it came out! Already seen it? Check out their other videos about electronics and cosmetics.

3. Get crafty

Make your own green cleaners

Sienna Skinner from Lensbaby, one of our gold certified businesses, shared her recipe for a counter and window cleaner:

  • ½ cup vinegar
  • 3½ cups water
  • 1 tsp liquid soap

“Put in a spray bottle and you're set! One of the things I love about this stuff is that you can use it with your regular kitchen sponge and not wonder what you're putting in the sponge you wash your dishes with. It's just vinegar!” – Sienna Skinner

Find more green cleaner recipes here.

Grow an avocado tree from a pitAvocado pit

It’s easier than you think! Check out this how-to poster. Make a big batch of guacamole, bring supplies, and encourage people to take home their soon-to-be plants, or keep them at work so co-workers can watch the evolution. (One of our coworkers tried this a few years ago, and her “desk plant” grew into a 4 foot tall avocado tree!)

4. And for the green team…

How do you motivate people to reduce their energy? Watch this engaging, eight minute TED Talk, and find out. Then talk about how these ideas could be applied at your own workplace.

What type of changemaker are you?

It takes all types of skills to make changes within your workplace. Take this quiz to see if you’re a Networker, Communicator, or Builder. Then talk with other members of your green team to see what they are, and how you can capitalize on each other’s strengths.