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The City of Portland, Oregon

Sustainability at Work

Providing free tools and expertise to achieve your goals

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MazzettiMazzetti has been designing energy-efficient buildings for 50 years. As sustainable design has moved into the forefront of responsible building technology, so has their reputation as sustainable design experts. Mazzetti goes beyond sustainability and provides leadership for nonprofit organizations at both state and national levels. They are actively involved in working to change current codes and regulations to encompass energy-saving, alternative technologies, which are the focus of their research efforts. Mazzetti seeks to transform the thinking of the industry and strive to develop advanced methods and solutions that can cope with the challenges faced now and in the future.

Gold certified

  • The downtown location of the Portland office allows for a large portion of employees to commute to work through biking, walking and public transit.
  • Annual greenhouse gas inventory is verified through the Climate Registry. The Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions identified are then offset through the annual purchase of carbon offsets.
  • Waste is reduced through tracking purchases to understand and optimize purchasing. Environmentally friendly and energy efficient products are procured where available.




520 SW 6th Ave. Ste. 500, Portland, OR 97204