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Tips to go green in 2016: Food

Reducing your food waste and choosing more fruits, veggies and grains will help you stay healthy and save money while lowering your carbon impact.

Food Climate Action Now

Will it make a difference? Yes! The average family throws away 25 percent of the food it buys, wasting about $1,600 a year. And the global system for producing, distributing and disposing of food accounts for about 15 percent of household carbon emissions.

Stretch the life of your perishable food. Don’t assume a date stamp means the food has gone bad. Learn how long foods really last.

Eat more fruits, veggies and grains. Trimming down the amount of processed (or packaged) foods and meat you eat can make a big impact because they use tons of energy to grow and process.

Big or small, compost it all. Whether you are cleaning out the fridge, scraping your plate or prepping food, composting all of your food scraps is an important way to reduce your carbon emissions.

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Graphics and information from the City of Portland’s Climate Action Now.