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Tips for seasoned cyclists

Be a pro rider.

Are you a seasoned cyclist? Here are some tips to help make this month a good one.

Be nice to the newbies. It’s in your best interest.

More bikes, and new bikers, on the road can be frustrating for seasoned bikers, but there are many reasons to be courteous and forgiving—if new bikers have a good experience on the road, they’ll be:

  1. More bike-friendly drivers and pedestrians.
  2. More likely to support better bike infrastructure.

Don’t be that guy (or gal)

7 Annoying Things Other Cyclists Do. Both new and experienced cyclists can be guilty of these. Don’t do them.

Stretch yourself

Literally stretch yourself: Flexibility helps avoid tight muscles, minimizing the risk of injury.

Figuratively stretch yourself: If you want to get even fitter and go faster and further, try incorporating intervals into your rides. Push yourself to ride hard for a minute, followed by a few minutes of normal riding. 

Commute with your cat. (We kid! Don't try this!)

Biking with cat.

Share the love

Offer to go for a ride with friends on the weekend or to buddy up with a colleague to help them ride into work. New riders are often incredibly grateful that someone encouraged them to ride a bike and it can have a lasting impact on their health, wealth and happiness.

Encourage others to be a new rider and a bike-friendly driver.

It’s the law

Wondering what the rules of the road are for bicyclists and cars? Find the most common ones in this helpful poster.

Or find all current bicycle laws in the searchable PDF (use Ctrl+F to search for "bike") of the OR DMV Driving Manual

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