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3 tips for a bike-friendly workplace

Here the most common ways our certified businesses encourage and support bike commuters:

1. Bike Parking

Bike parking

Outdoor parking

Find out how to get free bike racks or sign up for a bike corral through the City.

Or get creative, and have a custom rack created.

Whichever route you go, learn from what BikePortland described as "the best business bike parking in the entire city of Portland."

Indoor parking 

Indoor bike parking provides people with a safe place to put their bike, helmet and other gear during the workday.

It doesn’t have to be fancy. We’ve seen businesses convert an underused supply closet, room, break room wall or unused outdoor area into bike parking.

2. Bike lock and repair kit

An extra lock can be a great help if a rider arrives to work and realizes they've forgotten theirs. Providing a bike repair kit at work allows bike commuters to take care of maintenance problems like flat tires, small adjustments or tires needing air. 

Leave your repair kit indoors near bike parking and make sure employees/coworkers know about it. Make the kit available to customers, visitors and clients to encourage more biking.

3. Bike buddies and route planning

Bike buddies map

A bike buddy – a coworker to commute with for the first few days – is a great way to encourage first time bike commuters. The bike buddy breaks down those initial barriers – “What time should I leave the house? What route do I take? How do I avoid busy roads?”

To get your workplace started with bike buddies, put up a map where employees can mark their bike commutes. New bikers can find a bike commute buddy from the map and connect with their buddy to arrange when and where they’ll meet and ride.

Bike buddies can also help new cyclists with route planning. Experienced bike commuters or members of your office green team can help determine the best route between home and work, and suggest how long to allow for the trip.
Tip: Order free citywide and neighborhood bike maps for your workplace.

Travel Oregon's Bike Friendly Business Program

Bonus: Promote your bike friendly nature

If your business serves tourists, you can become a Bike Friendly Business through Travel Oregon. The certification is open to businesses that provide food, drinks, lodging, recreation and more.