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Relive that first-day-of-school excitement

Remember when you were excited for the first day of school? This October offers two ways to experience it again.

Find your people

GoGreen speakers

Do you remember when you finally found "your people?" Whether they were the nerds or the jocks, the socialites or the rebels, they understood you, you understood them, and it felt good.

If you're reading this, you probably want to do good in your work — whether that’s getting your coworkers to recycle, giving back to the community, or solving global challenges. Sometimes it may feel like you're the only one who cares. But you're not alone! You just have to find your people.

And one of the best places to find your people is at the GoGreen Conference on October 5. You'll meet others who care about doing good at work—some who are just starting, and others who have been at it for a while and are doing really impressive things (kind of like that cool kid you always looked up to).

So take a look at this year's conference program and get 30 percent off your ticket with code SAW.

Fresh start, big goals

EcoChallenge actions

If you played sports in school, or were on the debate team, or in the school play, you know how it feels to start the new year fresh, feeling like you have another chance to work hard and reach your goals.

Relive that feeling with this October's EcoChallenge. It's meant to help you pick a new green habit—something you've probably felt like you should do, like taking shorter showers or biking to work, but haven't gotten around to yet—and cheerlead you through two weeks of doing it.

You can go it alone, but it's even better to do as a team. Much like the team activities of your youth, it's more fun to do things together, and it's nice to have others pushing you to do your best.

Start building your team now, at work, or with family or friends.

Team fight song optional (but recommended).