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The best recycling signs are simple

The best recycling signs are simple: They show only the most common items people recycle at your business, shop or event.

While we recommend our standard posters for offices and restaurant kitchens, our Make Your Own Poster tool is great for creating simplified signs for a variety of purposes:

Grab attention

Having trouble getting your coworkers to pay attention to recycling and composting? Try a little humor. 

The Make Your Own Poster tool allows you to write in text, so have some fun.

Cookie  Monster Compost Poster

Highlight misplaced items 

If you see certain items consistently showing up in the wrong bin, try adding a temporary poster highlighting where they go. 

Coffee shops and cafes

Help customers by showing only the items they'll use at your shop. It’ll make it faster and easier for them to figure out what goes where.

If you'd like to show the exact items you use, like branded coffee cups, contact us, we can help you do that.

Customized garbage poster


Most event waste — such as disposable cups, plates and napkins — isn’t recyclable or compostable

But if you’ll be serving drinks in bottles or cans, you can make signs showing just those items.

Hosting a big event? You can rent free event signs and containers from the City.