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Share your stuff (Mom was right)

Earth Day is April 22, so tip your hat to Mother Earth by listening to what moms have been saying for years.

Borrow, share and repair your stuff

Why Mom was right

Sharing is caring – for people and the environment: Making, shipping and packaging the “stuff” we buy accounts for 22 percent of our county’s household carbon emissions.

How it benefits you

Borrowing seldom-used items saves money, cuts clutter and is great for the environment.

In Portland, you can borrow tools for home and garden projects, kitchen gadgets and kids’ toys from lending libraries. Find a lending library near you!

Declutter and donate

Look around your home or workplace: are there items cluttering up your space that you could donate for others to use? Call Metro’s Recycling Hotline to find out which organizations would be happy to take it off your hands: 503-234-3000.

Borrow and buy used

When you need something, look for it used before buying it new—you’ll often find a higher-quality item for less money. Many stores that sell used items also accept them, so you can also drop off items you no longer use.

Thinking about starting a home, garden or craft project? Borrow tools, and buy used supplies:




Home remodeling

And more

Find more ideas, and Portland resources, for how to fix and maintain, borrow and share, and buy smart from Portland’s Resourceful PDX.

More things Mom got right (but let’s keep this between us):