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Test your road IQ

Sharrow symbol and Dutch reach

A sharrow is:

A) A fancy breed of sparrow.
B) A shovel for making rows.
C) A double-arrowed road symbol for low-traffic streets that are great for people biking, walking, skateboarding, and more. 

A bike box is:

A) A specially-shaped box for gift-wrapping bicycles.
B) A cardboard carrying device that can be attached to bike racks (only works in rain-free environments like Arizona).
C) A small patch of road at intersections, often painted green, where cyclists wait in front of car traffic at red lights. See one here.

A Dutch reach is:

A) When you reach down to adjust your clogs.
B) When you reach for the bill, to pay your half.
C) After parking, you reach to open your driver's side door with your right hand, thereby naturally looking behind you for cyclists.* 

*Why is this called the “Dutch” reach? Because the Dutch bike more than almost anyone else, in big, busy cities, so they’ve learned a thing or two. See the Dutch reach in action.

Door-ing is:

A) Shopping for a new front door.
B) Standing between the TV and a person trying to watch the TV.
C) Opening a car door into the path of a cyclist.*

*You can avoid door-ing a cyclist by using the Dutch reach (see above).


If you chose all Cs, you've got a high Road IQ!

If you chose As or Bs, you're a creative thinker, but unfortunately not correct. Review the C answers to raise your bike IQ and keep everyone safe on the road (but don't lose that creativity!).

Help others get in the know

Print a poster for your workplace to help your coworkers get up to speed on sharing the road. Or read more online.

Download a poster of bike road symbols