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Tips from Pizzacato

Pizzicato pizza and salad

Coming from a food and beverage background, Pizzicato CEO Felix Rippel recalls how frequently the importance of not letting anything go to waste was impressed upon him.

“From the moment I entered the food industry, I have been steeped in a culture of preventing waste as much as possible,” said Rippel. “At Pizzicato, we’ve continued to champion food waste prevention through both our business practices and employee training.”

The pizzeria designs its menus to have plenty of cross-utilization, meaning multiple menu items are created using the same pool of ingredients. It also asks its food purveyors to provide food pre-prepped to prevent over-ordering, and tracks overdone pizza, spoilage and other food waste via a waste log sheet in the kitchen.

While these strategies help save the business money and generate less waste, the real catalyst driving food waste prevention at Pizzicato is its employees.

“Our approach is that food waste prevention is not adjacent to what we do; it’s completely woven into our employee training,” said Rippel. “We don’t even like to call it out or draw attention to it, because then reducing food waste becomes something that can be addressed or not addressed. If employees are trained from day one to reduce food waste, it simply becomes a function of their job like anything else.”

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