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The City of Portland, Oregon

Homelessness Toolkit

City of Portland

Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program


Approximately 2,037 individuals sleep unsheltered in the City of Portland each night.  Portland Shelter capacity is not enough to meet this need. The City's programs under the State of Emergency in Housing and Homelessness seek to manage public space issues until the City, County, and State reach long-term solutions, including more funding for housing and mental health treatment. The goal of these programs is to create safer public spaces for all Portlanders.

The Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program (HUCIRP) is responsible for coordinating cleanup/abatement of unsanctioned campsites on City and ODOT owned properties/rights-of-way within the City of Portland while managing the City’s One Point of Contact campsite reporting system. HUCIRP develops and implements harm/impact reduction strategies in addition to coordinating services with other agencies and jurisdictions within the Portland Metro area.

HUCIRP is not designed to solve homelessness. It exists to help reduce the impact of homelessness within the community by creating service navigation opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness while also facilitating the removal of hazardous items and debris from our public spaces.

A system designed to streamline services aimed at improving public health and safety.

Camping outside of a City-sanctioned campground is not permitted. To report a campsite, please use the campsite reporting form and the City will review the report and dispatch services accordingly.

Status Updates

For weekly statistics related to One Point of Contact, and to find out which areas of the City have been posted for cleanup, please visit our Weekly Campsite Reports page. Weekly reports are posted every Tuesday by 4pm. Weekly reports during weeks where a Holiday falls on Monday are posted Wednesday by 4pm.

If unable to locate an area reported within our campsite report, this generally means that either the area is on a property that is not owned by the City or ODOT or that the area in question does not meet the posting criteria at this time and therefore program response is limited to trash removal only. HUCIRP receives several hundred requests for cleanup each week and has designed a system that works to identify the camps that pose the greatest risk to public health and safety. If conditions warrant, those camps are prioritized for posting and cleanup whereas camps that pose a lower risk will not necessarily be scheduled for immediate posting and cleanup.

Please continue to report areas that have not been posted for cleanup. Submitting a report twice a week helps to ensure that a current assessment of the camp is underway while also facilitating removal of any trash and/or biowaste. HUCIRP will continue to monitor the situation through these reports and assessments and will work with its partners to help address the issue.

To see weekly campsite cleanup reports, please click HERE

To see a map of the locations reported during the last week, please click HERE (OPC Weekly Map).

To see a rolling map of the last 12 weeks of reports, please click HERE (OPC Time Aware Map).