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One Point of Contact Campsite Reporting System

The City of Portland’s One Point of Contact Campsite Reporting System is the mechanism community members can use to report issues of illegal camping or related garbage within Portland. The following video (linked below) describes how to use the system to make a report and how the City and Central City Concern’s Clean Start Program respond to those reports. Please click on the image below to play the video.

It can be very frustrating for community members to raise issues with the City. It’s not always clear how to make reports and to whom. The City’s One Point of Contact Campsite Reporting System is designed to simplify the process by providing a platform to more easily report issues about campsites.

There are three ways to report a campsite using the One Point of Contact Campsite Reporting System. Please use just ONE of the following methods:

  1. Campsite Report Form:
  2. PDX Reporter:
  3. Calling City/County Information & Referral: 503-823-4000.

It is not necessary to report the same site using all three methods.

**Please note that not all reports will result in immediate action by the City. Every incident is reviewed and analyzed.**

The Campsite Report Form requires a user name and password. This form lists several questions including location, size, and nature of the issue.

PDX Reporter also requires a user name and password, but once signed in there will be a menu of options community members can report. Please click on the “Campsite Reporting” icon where there will be an option to input a location and comments.

City/County Information & Referral is another option for community members. Please call 503-823-4000, and an Information & Referral specialist will take a report over the phone.

Whether using the Campsite Report Form, PDX Reporter, or calling City/County Information & Referral, location is the most important piece of information the City needs.

Once a report is filed a crew will be dispatched onsite within 12-36 hours to conduct an onsite assessment and to pick up camper identified garbage.

It is not necessary to submit multiple reports of the same location in one day. The Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program (HUCIRP) recommends submitting a new report of the same site once or twice a week. This helps to ensure that staff have a current assessment of the location. HUCIRP uses the assessment received to triage the many hundreds of requests for cleanup the City receives weekly.

Email follow up questions to

If you are reporting people living in a vehicle, please submit a report to PBOT directly using their Abandoned Auto Report Form. This form is also accessible through PDX Reporter.

If you are reporting criminal behaviors, please report that information directly to Police.

If you are reporting an emergency, call 9-1-1.