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The City of Portland, Oregon

Homelessness Toolkit

City of Portland

Camping Response

Unsanctioned camping is not permitted in the City (City Code 14A.50.020 and 14A.50.050)

When camps are cleaned up, campers are provided at least 72 hours advanced written notice before the City comes to clean the area. The City will store property taken from camps for up to 30 days so that people can retrieve their belongings.

Campsite Removal: Reports are taken from community members via the One Point of Contact reporting system and triaged for clean up in order to restore the land to its public use. This includes, but is not limited to, picking up and disposing of debris, garbage, waste, and biohazards. People who are camping in the public right of way or on public property are given 72 hours advanced written notification before clean up begins. The notification and posting protocols for all urban campsite cleanups are in accordance with the Anderson Agreement. Reports of individuals who are camping/squatting on private property are referred to code enforcement.

How to report a camp in the City for cleanup and removal

Submit a report using PDX Reporter or by calling 311, and a 311 Program Specialist will take a report for you.

The Homelessness and Urban Camping Impact Reduction Program (HUCIRP) reviews every incident and will notify the appropriate authorities for coordinated campsite cleanup. HUCIRP works with several partners including all property-owning bureaus as well as private vendors to clean the site as quickly and as compassionately as possible.

Central City Concern's Clean Start program (CS PDX) is one of the first responders to many of the reports that are received through the City's One Point of Contact reporting system. Upon request from HUCIRP, CS PDX responds to campsite reports by going to the reported area, assisting campers in cleaning their area, passing out trash bags, working out regular trash pickup, taking pictures of the area, and providing an objective assessment of the campsite to the City while keeping track of the amount of garbage and materials removed. Based on that assessment, the City may follow up with a campsite posting notice notifying campers that they need to remove their personal belongings and vacate the area. Social Services is notified whenever a campsite is posted so that they might make contact with individuals camping in this area and provide service referrals.