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Emergency Ride Home

Or how I stopped worrying and learned to love alternative transportation

While it may not make for a good movie title (or plot), TriMet's emergency ride home program is a great benefit for bus/bike/carpool/MAX/streetcar commuters who's employers offer at least a $10 subsidy for alternative transportation.

Janis strutting her stuff before

her back injury. 

Emergency ride home provides a guaranteed ride home (or elsewhere to pick up a relative, for example) if you use alternative transportation to commute.  Say you took the bus to work and had a family emergency, TriMet would pay for your cab ride home.*  All you have to do is have your company's appointed representative fill out a little voucher.  If you're not sure who that is ask your HR rep or your company's transportation coordinator.

I was reminded about this great benefit when Women on Bikes founder, and fabulous co-worker, Janis McDonald had a medical emergency and needed a ride home. 

Janis is a pretty dedicated bicycle commuter, but she hurt her back about a month ago and was bus commuting daily.  Two weeks ago her back was in really bad shape, but trooper that she is, Janis hopped on the bus and came downtown to work.  A couple of hours in and the pain was too much to handle.  She called her hunky sweetheart to pick her up, but he was unavailable! 

Janis knew she couldn't even walk to and from the bus stop. What to do? 

Emergency Ride Home!  Janis remembered that she could get an emergency ride home. One quick phone call later and she was in a taxi cab on the way home, all at no cost to her.

Emergency ride home is great benefit and can really help ease your mind about taking the bus or joining a carpool to get to work.  In those rare cases when you need it, a free taxi ride is available to you.  Make sure to check with your company's transportation coordinator or HR representative to learn more.  Or contact us, we can help you figure out if your company qualifies.

*Your employer must provide at least a $10 monthly subsidy