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The City of Portland, Oregon

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Rose Quarter Adds Bike Access

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City, TriMet and others work to allow cyclists



The Rose Quarter Transit Center, where hundreds of buses and MAX trains pass throgh everyday, has long been a barrier to cyclists between inner North/Northeast Portland and downtown.

Over the last several years the Bicycle Transportation Alliance has worked to open up NE Wheeler, the main road through the transit center.  Wheeler connects to one of the city's most heavily used bike routes - the N Williams/Vancouver couplet.

While the new access is exciting, it also means more cyclists mixing with trains and buses - extra caution is absolutely imperative!

TriMet is distributing a card to better let cyclists and pedestrians know what to expect.  Here's what it says:

Bike safely at Rose Quarter TC

  • Use the bike lane.  Buses only in the bus lane. 
  • Yeild to buses.  If the yield sign is flashing, let the bus out of the stop.
  • Red means stop! Even if you don't see a train, pedestrians need to cross too.

This is a unique bikeway and it's success depends on everyone following the law.  Be patient!  We're all just trying to get there safely.

Walk safely at Rose Quarter TC

  • Please use crosswalks.
  • Obey signals and look both ways before crossing.
  • It's not worth the risk! If your bus ortain is leaving, another will arrive soon.

Bikeportland has extensive coverage of the new development and its long road to fruition

Downtown The Easy Way Contest

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TriMet picks its winner

TriMet sponsored a super fun contest solicitating brief, punchy comments that would be placed on the sides of buses like "thought bubbles" (think comic strips).  TriMet picked 18 quips that we'll be seeing on 45 new buses the transit agency is introducing over the next 6 months.  My personal favorite?  "This is how I roll," submitted by Beaverton commuter, Jennie Smith.


"Wahoo! I'm saving gas!"
Deborah Cha, Tigard
"Pondering Einstein's E=mc2."
Celestial Ward, Portland



Portland Transportation History

Images from the last 150 years

So much of how we live, and the development of the places where we live, is shaped by transportation.  But how did the transportation system develop?  What laid the groundwork of our roads and  what shapes the future?

Image: Bennett Plan of 1912

Steve Dotterer, a longtime City of Portland employee and current Principal Planner in the Bureau of Planning, has put together a fantastic presentation on Portland's transportation history.  Although Steve is the one who truly makes our history come alive with his knowledge and expertise, the images from his presentation are riveting as well.

A pdf of his Powerpoint presentation, with nearly 100 images of Portland's past, is available on-line.  It is well worth checking out.

TriMet Releases New Fact Sheet

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TriMet just released an updated fact sheet about its bus and rail system. Here are some quick facts:

  • Weekly ridership on bus and MAX has increased for 20 consecutive years, outpacing population growth for more than a decade;
  • MAX carries 26% of afternoon rush hour commuters from the Banfield freeway/I-84 and Sunset Highway corridors;
  • 71% of TriMet riders are "choice riders" who own a car but chose to use transit for that trip.


Have Kids Will Bicycle

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The Oregonian profiles a plethora of choices for hauling your kids on a bike

Yesterday's Oregonian has a sizable story on the many types of bikes that parent can choose to travel with their young children by bicycle.