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Swapping war stories

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The commute as battle


An new transportation option

for Portland: skiing

Portlanders are (metaphorically speaking) showing off their battle scars today.  "I walked two hours to the bus stop, waited an hour and then caught a ride on the back of a ATV" type commute stories.  It's cathartic.

My commute wasn't exactly normal, but the MAX Yellow Line did have a shuttle bus running very frequently and I was able to catch a MAX from the Rose Quarter into downtown.  Yesterday, well it was nice out so I walked the 6 miles home.  It seemed like a good idea when I left work...

Over at they are posting people's commute stories.  One commuter got an early Christmas present.  One got a lift (lot's of community-style hitchhiking going on, it seems - only in Portland). And one got a, let's call it inappropriate, song stuck in his head. 

Remember, City Maintenance Crews and TriMet operators are working long hours in stressful conditions to get you home safely. 

Stay safe out there! 

1 World 2 Wheels Campaign

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Trek Bicycles has begun a campaign to get more of us riding our bikes for short trips.  The Wisconsin-based company's new endeavor, 1 World 2 Wheels, includes a "Go by Bike" challenge and a goal to increase bike trips in the U.S. from 1% to 5% of all trips by 2017.  (Here in Portland, we're aiming a little higher - 15%.)

The campaign really focuses on those short trips that we take everyday - the bank, the coffee shop, the library, the grocery store, and on and on and on.

Here are some compelling reasons to hop on your old bike for those quick jaunts out:

Although this week may not convince you, your bike is often the easiest way to get around your neighborhood and accomplish those short trips.  Give it a try!  One trip each week can make a big difference in neighborhood traffic, climate change pollution, and your health!

Studded Tires for Your Bike

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While Portlanders are a hearty, bicycle-riding bunch we don't often have to deal with riding in snow and ice.  But Minnesotans, Alaskans, and Canadians - they deal with the frozen stuff the way we deal with rain. 

So in search of information on biking in the frosty climes I found the website IceBike (thanks to Elly over at  It has lots of good info on riding techniques and equipment to make snow biking fun and safe(r?). 

Like studded bicycle tires.  Pretty cool, huh?!  I don't think I'll rush out and buy a pair (MAX is cheaper and easier) but it makes me happy to know that I could buy studs for my bike!

Stay safe out there!  No matter your transportation choice...


It's days like today that make me happy to live in P-town.  I normally ride my bike downtown to work or hop on the 35 since the stop is very close to my house.  But with the buses running slower because of the chains I decided to walk the extra distance (only about a 1/2 mile) to the MAX station.  It came right on time and had me at work 5 minutes ahead of schedule!

Talk about options!  I actually had my choice between the bus or train within walking distance of my house.  Lucky.

How about you?  How did you find your way downtown this morning?  Were you as lucky as me?

Stay safe out there and, although it's our job here at SmartTrips Downtown to promote your transportation options, we really mean it today - don't drive if you don't have to!

Before heading out, check with TriMet or C-Tran for winter weather updates. As of December 15th at 12:30 p.m., TriMet is operating on regular schedules on most lines while two lines are suspended and there are some detours on others. C-Tran also has some snow detours.