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TriMet Rush Hour Bus Trips Increase 12% in November

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Gas prices plunge, yet transit's appeal grows

TriMet reported today that MAX and bus boardings grew 3.6% in November 2008 compared to November 2007.


77,000 rush hour trips in November!

The news release includes the following statistics:

  • Weekday bus trips increased 6.6% to 215,400 trips
  • Rush hour bus trips increased 12.3% to 77,000
  • Weekly MAX ridership remained constant

Thanks to all of the SmartTrips Downtown participants who are using transit and reducing congestion and global warming pollution!

Remember, when you ride TriMet after 8:00 p.m. you can request that the bus stop anywhere along the route. Just be sure to give the driver sufficient warning.

Do you want to see what your commute would look like using transit? For TriMet, click here. For C-Tran in SW Washington, click here.


Celebrate St. Lucia Day with Coffee and Donuts

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My esteemed colleague, Timo Forsberg, will shed his bureaucratic identity tomorrow morning to become St. Lucia - a Christian martyr who wore a crown of candles and gave food to persecuted Christians.

Portland's St. Lucia however bears a much less grim message: "Enjoy coffee and donuts, my fellow bicyclists!"   

If you'd like to meet our very own patron saint, head to the intersection of the Eastbank Esplanade and the Steel Bridge (lower deck) between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. this Friday morning

There you'll find Timo "St. Lucia" Forsberg, free coffee and donuts, and plenty of cyclists and pedestrians enjoying a little light in the darkness of winter.




He's like this around the office, too...


Transit, Bikes, and the Hip Hop Nation

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Louisvile Transit Authority Creates a Bumpin PSA

What happens when you combine a transit authority with hip hop? It turns out an infectious public service announcement encouraging and teaching all to bring their bikes on transit.

The director of marketing for Louisville, Kentucky's Transit Authority of River City (TARC), learned from survey results that young women were interested in bringing their bikes on transit but were intimidated and unsure on how to use the bus bike racks.

The director, Nina Walfoort, found inspiration from her daughter's collection of rap and R & B.

Since the video aired, transit ridership among cyclists has increased and many mild mannered viewers have reported to have spontaneously erupted in dance. Viewer beware!

Biking in Central City Increases 22% in 2008

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20% of all vehicles crossing the Hawthorne Bridge during the summer are bikes

Do Portlanders bike more than any other big city dwellers? Does the number of cyclists continue to increase? Are more people wearing bike helmets than ever? Are more women riding?

Yes, yes, yes and yes.

The Portland Office of Transportation recently published its annual bicycle counts report. These are conducted each year. In 2008, the entire city witnessed a staggering 28% increase in bike trips.

Bicycle trips across the Hawthrone, Steel, Broadway, and Burnside Bridges from 1991 - 2008.

The bike counts are conducted by automated "hose counts" on the four bike-friendly bridges (Hawthorne, Burnside, Steel and Broadway) and by staff and volunteers at over 65 intersections throughout Portland.

Some of the highlights:

  • Bicycle traffic has nearly tripled since 2001;
  • Helmet use is at an all-time high (80%);
  • Women cyclists are also at an all time high (32%);

Win a free night of luxury!

Have you entered our raffle drawing for a free night stay at one of downtown Portland's finest hotels, the Heathman or Hotel deLuxe?


Carpooling: American as apple pie

What are you waiting for?  Simply fill out a pledge form and email/fax/mail it back to us for your chance to win. 

"Alright," you're asking "what's the catch?"  You pledge to switch just one of your drive-alone commute trips each month to a healthier mode (walking, biking, carpooling, or transit) and we'll enter you for a chance to win.

Just one trip each month is all were asking.  And if you're already a smart commuter you can enter too!

This month's winners both pledged to step up their smart commute two additional days each week.  That's a lot of gas and parking costs saved, congestion relieved, and carbon sequestered!

Lori started carpooling with her husband to save money on fuel costs.  Even though prices have fallen recently, they've kept up their carpool and are really enjoying it!


Mickey's got fewer dinosaurs in his commute

Mickey, on the other hand, is a 99% TriMet guy.  He takes the MAX in most days now because of the convenience, cost savings, and to lessen his commute's environmental impact.  His "alternative" commute now is driving to work. 

Way to go Mickey and Lori!  Why not fill out a pledge form and secure your chance to win a free night of luxury in the city?