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Top 10 Reasons to Keep Up that Winter Smart Commute

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Wow!  We had over 500 responses from all you smart commuters out there.  One thing is for sure:  there are tons of great reasons to keep up that bike/bus/MAX/walk/pool commute this fine winter.

Yet we had to pick just ten for the final list.  Of course, the number one reason is always your own.  So for whatever reason you keep up that smart commute, we thank you.  And for your reading pleasure we give you our... 

Top 10 Motivations for Winter-time Smart Commuting

10. There is always the chance I could meet "that" great guy (smiling).  - Catherine G


9. On the bus home my kids snuggle up and take a nap resting against me-there's nothing like holding sleeping kids in your arms to make you feel content and peaceful. - Juliette S


8. I look really good in yellow - Robert M


7. Driving in with cool people while saving on commute expenses... There's something really powerful about connecting with good people energy first thing in the morning. Also it's fun cheering on the bike commuters from the car window.  :-) - Zey


6. My husband and I have adjusted our work schedules so we can carpool together along with our 2 kids.  This allows us to spend a bit more time together as a family, check in with each others day, tell stories and sing silly songs. :o) - Isabella B


5. My motivation for vanpooling?  To keep me from going insane having to fight the traffic by myself - Marci C


4. If the coffee didn't wake me up, the walk to the bus will.  Plus I love the smells and feels of fall/winter. It feels great to be alive and outside in the weather! - Luanne Z


3. Pure stubbornness! I will not let November in the Pacific Northwest dictate to me whether I will walk! I smart commute out of sheer defiance! - Rick J


2. Setting a good example for my kids (currently a baby and toddler) -- demonstrating that life does not revolve around getting into the car. - Mim

1. A good habit with personal reward is hard to break. -  Mike R

Honorable Mentions: Motivations for smart commuting in winter

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You submitted so many great reasons to continue your smart commute during winter we had to create two lists, an Honorable Mentions and the final Top 10.  We'll post the winners' Top 10 list on Monday.  But here's a sneak peak of your fantastic entries.

Thanks for participating!  This was fun!

Honorable Mention Motivations:


- My carpool is like therapy on wheels.  We've been together for 18 years! - Inge W

- My husband and I carpool quite a distance from Portland...Carpooling is certainly a cost-saving measure, but also precious time to spend together in otherwise hectic lives. We can vent about the day during the drive and arrive home with that out of the way.  - Heather

- Until we can be teleported directly to work and avoid all this driving, I'm glad my husband and I have our carpool "together time" each work day. - Nancy B


- I bike commute during winter because it's not always raining, but you have to be outside to appreciate when it stops. - Tom K

- Someday some local indie band will write a song about riding bikes in Portland in November and I can look back and tell my kids, "That was yer pop!" - Bob M

- Biking to work in November is like celebrating Christmas every day of the year - lots of lights a blinkin' and bells a ringin'! - Greta M

- Because biking in the winter makes me feel a little hardcore. - James H

- It shouldn't matter but......people are really impressed when you bike in the rain :) - Lisa R


- I commute by bus to save $, so I can buy my own Hot Lips Pizza and gourmet chocolate. Matthew L

- When it is dark outside & windows fog up it is so nice to sit on the MAX & watch the traffic on the Freeway from my window seat - Diane T

- Sense of community (seriously--I love the folks who ride the #16)! - Maria L

- It makes me smarter because I have time to read!!! - Leanna S

- The hot chick that rides the same bus as I do. - David F

- I take the bus because I love being a part of the "B-39 Awesome Club!"  Riding with my people starts my day off right! - Chris L


- A haiku:

Walking in the rain
Sat in the office all day
There is nature.  Sploosh. - Robert F

- I'm cheap and I like to walk through the raisin-bran like mush of leaves every morning. - Kathy P

- I wear a pedometer and seeing the steps I'm adding each day is encouraging for me. - Lynn D

- I have lost 15 lbs just by walking 15 blocks everyday for the past 6 months without changing my eating habits. - Lorena S

- I have discovered an entirely new culture downtown as I walk through it twice every day. When I drove I was completely oblivious to another part of my community. - Connie B

General (or mode-neutral):


- It's the right thing to do!  Simple. - Robert M

- Ahhhh...the exercise! Ahhhh...the wonderful neighborhoods of Portland! AHHHHH...the wonderful neighbors! - Steve T


- To save money for that trip to sunny Hawaii in February 2009! - Jill T

- Gas and parking would cost me at least $10.00 a day.  When I save that much, who needs to pack a brown bag lunch?  I can try a different restaurant downtown every day! - Meghan H

- The exercise offsets my chocolate covered raisin consumption (a little anyway) - Anne H

UPDATED: Blog Promo: Top 10 Reasons to Bike/Bus/MAX/Pool/Walk in November

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(The Blog Promo is closed.  Check out the Honorable Mentions List.  The Top 10 will be posted on Monday!)


View from the office window?

It's November.

It's Portland.

Do you know where your rain coat is?

It might be a little bit damp.  It might be dark at 4:30.  But no matter the weather, it's always the right time of year to bike, walk, bus, MAX, or carpool to work. 

We want to know what motivates you to stick with your smart commute during the less pleasant season (also called "Portland Winter"). 

Is it money saved?  Exercise gained?  Aging delayed?  Traffic disdain? 

Send us an email (or post a comment) and let us know your top reason(s).  We'll pick our favorites and compile a Top 10 list.  You can win prizes! (Hot Lips Pizza, Chocolate, Bike Gallery Gift Certificates, and more!)

Thanks for participating!

Portland's Living Room

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A retrospective

The Daily Journal of Commerce recently published a retrospective on Pioneer Courthouse Square.  The former parking-lot-turned-gathering-place was recently named one of 2008's 10 best public spaces by the American Planning Association.

Pioneer Courthouse Square hosts hundreds of events each year, including many during the lunch hour or right after work.  In the next few weeks the square will be holding some great events including, the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, Holiday Artisan Market, and of course, the Winter Beer Fest! 

Why not stick around after work one evening and see what's happening in the city's living room?