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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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Current Sidewalk & Crossing Projects








In 2011, former Mayor Sam Adams committed $16 Million for sidewalk infill on arterial streets in Southwest and East Portland. Learn more below about the sidewalk projects in both areas that will be advanced to design and construction in 2012 and 2013. 

Map of Sidewalk Projects in Southwest Portland and East Portland 

 East Portland Sidewalk Construction 

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will build over 7 miles of priority sidewalk infill projects on several arterial streets and school routes in East Portland (generally east of I-205). See the able below for details. The sidewalk projects to be built were identified through the East Portland in Motion (EPIM) effort, a 5-year implementation strategy for active transportation. 

 Map of sidewalk projects programmed in East Portland 

 Thank you!! To all who attended our most recent Open House on November 5, 2013 for our Sidewalk and Crossing Projects in the Powellhurst-Gilbert Neighborhood, including SE Division, SE 136th, SE Holgate, SE Ramona. PBOT staff was joined by Commissioner Novick to provide updates on these sidewalk and crossings projects. Attendees were able to see plans and maps, learn more about construction, talk to staff and provide feedback.  Link to the Open house mailing announcement  

Photo of sidewalk construction with flagger on SE 136th AVe

SIDEWALK PROJECTS 2012-13 STATUS/ Construction Start
NE Sandy Blvd (86th - 92nd) South side Complete. North side construction in Fall 2014. 0.10 Winston Sandino  503-823-5767
SE 160th (Burnside - Stark)  Complete 0.11 Winston Sandino  503-823-5767
NE Glisan (South Side:148th - 156th)  Complete 0.13 April Bertelsen  503-823-6177
SE Stark (126th - 130th)  Complete 0.13 Kyle Chisek  503-823-7041
SE Stark (130th - 160th, City Limits)  Complete 0.70 Kyle Chisek  503-823-7041
SE 162nd (Salmon - Powell) Complete 0.99 Liz Mahon  503-823-0396
NE 102nd (Brazee - Weidler)  Complete 0.13 Rich Newlands  503-823-7780
SE 122nd (Ramona - Foster)  Complete 0.13 Kyle Chisek  503-823-7041
SE 122nd (Powell - Holgate)  Complete 0.22 Kyle Chisek  503-823-7041
NE Glisan (148th - 160th, City Limits)  Complete 0.45 Liz Mahon  503-823-0396
NE 102nd (I-84 - Brazee)  Complete 0.31 Rich Newlands  503-823-7780
SE Division (148th - 174th)  Complete 0.51 Winston Sandino  503-823-5767
SE 112th (Powell - Holgate) Complete 0.10 April Bertelsen  503-823-6177
NE Weidler (99th - 112th)  Complete 0.18 Winston Sandino  503-823-5767
NE Prescott (105th -116th) South side only Complete 0.35 Kyle Chisek  503-823-7041
SE 136th (Ph 1: Holgate-Powell) East side only Under construction Winter-Spring 2014 (Funding restored) 0.52 Winston Sandino 503-823-5767
SE 136th (Ph 2: Foster - Holgate) East side only Summer 2014 0.68 Winston Sandino 503-823-5767
SE 136th (Ph 3: Powell - Division) West side  Fall 2014   Winston Sandino 503-823-5767
SE 122nd (Holgate - Ramona)  Summer 2014 1.03 Kyle Chisek  503-823-7041
SE Holgate (122nd - 130th) North side only Summer 2015 0.34 Winston Sandino  503-823-5767
SE Ramona (122nd - 136th) South side only Summer 2015 0.31 Winston Sandino  503-823-5767
NE 148th (Glisan - Halsey) West side only Not Scheduled. Adequate Funding Not Currently Available. To Be Determined NA NA
East Portland Total   7.39+    

Photo of sidewalk construction along SE 136th Ave from SE Powell to Holgate.

Southwest Portland Sidewalk Construction

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has worked with Southwest Neighborhoods Inc. (SWNI) to identify and select priority sidewalk projects to build with $8 Million for sidewalks on arterial streets in Southwest Portland. The projects include all Tier 2 Sidewalk Priority Needs identified by SWNI.


Southwest Portland Sidewalk Projects in 2012 and 2013 Status/ Construction Start Target Estimated length of sidewalk gaps (miles) Project Manager Phone
SW 11th Ave: Gaines-Gibbs  Sidewalk and roadway complete. Tree planting pending. 0.17 Andrew Aebi 503-823-5648
SW Multnomah: 22nd-34th Ave  (Partial Funding) Under construction Spring-Fall 2014 0.95 Rich Newlands 503-823-7780
SW Vermont: 30th - 37th Ave Under construction Winter-Summer 2014 0.37 Kyle Chisek 503-823-7041
SW Huber St: 35th-43rd Ave Substantially Complete Fall 2013 0.29 Chris Armes 503-823-7051
SW Spring Garden(Taylors Ferry - 19th), SW 19th Ave & SW 22nd Ave (Spring Garden - Barbur) Substantially Complete Fall 2013 0.53 Chris Armes 503-823-7051
SW Sunset Blvd: Dewitt-18th Substantially Complete Fall 2013 0.15 Chris Armes 503-823-7051
Total   2.46     

SW Sidewalk Construction 

  • SW Huber Street: 37th Avenue to 43rd Avenue

  • SW Multnomah Boulevard: SW Barbur Boulevard to 34th Avenue (partial funding)

  • SW Spring Garden Road, SW 19th Ave and SW 22nd Ave: SW Barbur Blvd to Taylors Ferry Road

  • SW Sunset Boulevard: SW Dewitt Street to SW 18th Drive

  • SW Vermont Street: SW 30th Avenue to SW 37th Avenue

  • SW 11th Avenue on Marquam Hill: SW Gaines Street to Gibbs Street (partial funding)

Map of these sidewalk projects and other sidewalk priority needs identified by SWNI.

Oct 25 SW Open House Board 2: Overview and Process

Overview of Process, SWNI sidewlak Priorities, Project Criteria and Project Selection

Oct 25 SW Open House Board 1: Welcome

Purpose and Orientation to Materials