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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

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1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1331, Portland, OR 97204

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Cake Topper Contest!

We want to go BIG and celebrate our 50th event with a gold cake...but something is missing...and we hope YOU can provide us with the missing piece: a Cake Topper!

Cake Topper Contest Rules: 

(1) we want a cake topper to present on a gold cake during our 50th celebration cake cutting ceremony at the June Key Delta Community Center the morning of Sunday Parkways (June 30th). 
(2) the cake topper should represent the spirit of Sunday Parkways
(3) the cake topper should be family friendly
(4) be as quirky as you want (it's Portland, we love that stuff)
(5) send in your sketch to by Friday, June 21st.

The week before the North Sunday Parkways event, we will showcase our favorite 2 contestants sketches to our Sunday Parkways Facebook family so that they can make the final choice!

Then the winner will be asked to present their Cake Topper at the 50th ride ceremony and will win a Sunday Parkways swag bag!

Special mention for visual displayed above: The Great British Bake Off 

2018 A Sunday Parkways Year in Review

Sunday Parkways on the Green LoopA big Thank You to our participants, volunteers, partners, entertainers, vendors, and Sponsors! Thanks to you, Sunday Parkways continues to introduce Portlanders of all ages to biking, walking and public transit as options for not only commuting but recreation by opening miles of streets for play, exercise, and community building. These routes were designed to create a fun and inclusive environment for people to enjoy neighborhood greenways and low traffic residential streets. Along the way, we also have an opportunity to mingle as a City, to have fun with friends and family, and to come together as a community. 

This year we partied like it was 1999! We walked, we rolled, and we biked 37.8 miles. And the cherry on top, we achieved multiple firsts:

-          First time at Sunday Parkways on the Green Loop 

-          First time for many participants, volunteers, vendors and Sponsors to join the fun!      

-          First time at Gateway Discovery Park 

-          First time the Bi-lingual Bike Fair has appeared at all of our events

-          First time that Kaiser Permanente  has offered custom neighborhood inspired decals for the Sticker Hunt 

DJ Prashant dancing with the Trail Blazer Dancers at the Rose Quarters

  • And we had some great times for the second time around!

-          Second round of celebrating our Immigrant and Refugee roots, friends and families with the Walk for Refugees and Immigrants 

-          Second round on the ONE* Route in East Portland

  • ONE = Outer Northeast/ East

-          Second round return of having the Columbia Annex back on the route

-          Second time we have teamed up with Make Music Day 

So you may be wondering, how did we do overall?

-          We biked/rolled/walked 37.8 miles together. Bringing the total mileage, we have traveled for Sunday Parkways up to 367.6 miles!

-          We volunteered…a LOT! Around 700+ volunteers came out to Sunday Parkways to serve over 100+ shifts working a total of 4500 hours to keep Sunday Parkways rolling.

           We  owe a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE  to ALL the volunteers. We appreciate all you do to make these days so magical.

-          We have a large entourage. 125,000 people came out to Sunday Parkways this year!!!

Its been one brilliant wonderful ride with all of YOU! Thank you for joining us. You are a reminder that community, family and friends make the world a better place. See you in 2019 for another round of happiness, smiles, health and community.

Portland is ________! Fill in the blank exercise.

 A picture of Kʰunamokwst park

Sunday Parkways launched  (1)________ amazing years ago, and next year we will celebrate our (2) ________ ride in North Portland.  Here is a look at Sunday Parkways and Portland by the numbers:

You might not know this, but Portland loves to bike and roll! In fact, about (3) ________ % of our commuters bike in comparison to the national average of 0.5% across the country. In addition, we love walking! (4) _________of kids (K-8th grade) walk to school.

We are also serious about flowers here. Which may be why we are known as the (5) _____ City. In fact, (6) ________ Park, on the North Sunday Parkway route includes the city’s first public rose garden, community center and Portland’s second oldest playground. This park completed in 1913 was purchased in 1909 for $60,000 and was originally owned by businesswoman Liverpool Liz who used it as a site for a roadhouse and racetrack.

In Portland, we are also known for our love of a good drink, whether that is a good cup of homegrown kombucha or a beer. This year, Sunday Parkways collaborated with local brewery (7) ________ to create the Portland Parkways Premium Pilsner. 

On last lagniappe question! Do you know the meaning of the Chinook word Kʰunamokwst?

As we ease into Autumn and Winter, we enter the (8) _______ season that makes our dear city so famously green. Let's keep our hearts warm with thoughts of spring just around the corner. Until then, we would like to leave you with just a touch of magic

See you in 2019 Portland!



Key: (1) 11 (2) 50 (3) 7% (4) 42% (5) Rose (6) Peninsula (7) Lompoc (8) rainy (Lagniappe) together