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Get Your #KPShades to Protect Your Eyes During the Eclipse

This summer’s Total Solar Eclipse falls on August 21, the day after Sunday Parkways, so Kaiser Permanente, our presenting sponsor, is giving away solar eclipse glasses at the Outer Northeast Portland ride to help you protect your eyes and thrive.

During the eclipse, some rays of the sun will peak around the moon in a halo, which you should try to avoid looking at directly. When you’re not seeing the full sun, it can feel much safer to look at it directly than it actually is. If you and your family are viewing the eclipse, it’ll be important to take special precautions to protect your vision.

“Staring directly at the sun or at a solar eclipse can harm your retinas, which contain the light-sensing cells that make vision possible,” said Anthony Cirino, MD, an ophthalmologist with Kaiser Permanente in Portland. “Usually, most of us can’t tolerate staring at the sun long enough to cause trouble. But a solar eclipse makes viewing the sun easier, less uncomfortable, and considerably more dangerous than usual.”

The only safe way to look directly at a partially eclipsed sun is through special solar filters, such as the eclipse glasses Kaiser Permanente is giving away at Sunday Parkways, along with a Vision Essentials flyer that has additional eye safety tips. You can pick up your glasses at the Kaiser Permanente booth at Thompson Park, or at any of our five sponsor booths on the route. (*While supplies last, one pair of glasses per family.)

Be sure to share your eclipse glasses photos on social media with hashtag #KPShades!

Guest Article

The Story of the Portland Loo

This is a story about the Portland Loo to be specific. Why is this loo so special you ask? Well for one, it is a Portland creation. This loo is the brainchild of Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard. Like all public restrooms it is free and accessible around the clock. Unlike previous public bathrooms, it offers privacy while also openness. It is sleek, user-friendly, wheelchair and bike accessible, easy to clean and virtual indestructible. It was also developed to discourage the use of illegal activity such as drug use, there it has an open bar at the top and the bottom which allows police to see underneath to see how many people are present. These openings also serve to provide ventilation to the bathroom. This bathroom is so popular that it was voted the best public restroom in Canada. Find the Portland Loo at Khunamokwst Park!

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Help Kids Earn Bikes! Join the Passport to Health Sticker Hunt

Regular physical activity like biking is vital to your overall health, and as Presenting Sponsor of Portland Sunday Parkways, Kaiser Permanente Northwest wants to give children in our community the opportunity to embark on a lifetime of bike love.

To support that goal at Sunday Parkways this summer, Kaiser Permanente has partnered with the nonprofit Community Cycling Center to benefit its Bike Club for kids. Participants can pick up a fun, interactive ‘Passport to Health Sticker Hunt’ map that takes them to five locations on each Sunday Parkways route to get their stickers. When you show your completed Passport to Health, you’ll get a prize and Kaiser Permanente will donate $5 to the Bike Club. Then you can share your achievement and photos on social media with #KPBikeClub.

“Our partnership with Portland Sunday Parkways began as an effort to increase the physical activity of our residents to prevent and treat obesity and other chronic diseases,” said Molly Haynes, Community Health Director for Kaiser Permanente’s Northwest region. “Yet, the health benefits of Sunday Parkways extend beyond physical activity into mental health and social connectedness. That’s what we want for the children and families in our communities.”

A valuable community resource, the Cycling Center’s after-school Bike Club program gives children who don’t have access or means to afford a bike on their own a chance to earn their own bike. They also learn safe riding and maintenance techniques, and develop skills in teamwork, problem solving and leadership by working and learning together.

“Bikes are transformative for both individuals and communities. Bike Club gives kids the tools they need for bikes to play an important part in their lives, from an actual bike, to the knowledge of how to ride safely and how to keep it safe and functional,” said Kasandra Griffin, Executive Director of the Community Cycling Center. “Fun, friendship, and confidence are among the additional benefits of this program.”

Sunday Parkways is the perfect setting for this partnership to benefit Bike Club. “People of all backgrounds, ages and abilities can enjoy moving their bodies in a safe and welcoming environment,” said Haynes, “and giving children an opportunity to learn to love biking and being active fits right in with our mission to improve the total health of the communities we serve.” 

Guest Article from Kaiser Permanente

Building Community Connections for 10 Years and Counting

Kaiser Permanente has been the presenting sponsor of Portland Sunday Parkways for the past 10 years, with Community Health Director Molly Haynes at the forefront of the partnership. Enthusiastic about the 10-year anniversary celebration and ride on June 25, Haynes recalls how the city’s vision, Kaiser Permanente’s sponsorship and so many other local businesses, artists and vendors came together to create a decade’s worth of memorable experiences.

“So many have joined in to make Sunday Parkways what it is today,” said Haynes. “Forty different events over the 10 years have taken Portlanders and visitors from near and far through historic neighborhoods, local business districts and places we never knew existed. Each route has its own unique feel, complete with concerts, Zumba and Shakespeare in the parks, street paintings, lemonade stands, water features, house parties and even a dunk tank.”

Haynes believes Sunday Parkways represents everything that is great about this place we call home.  “You see more smiles on the Sunday Parkways route than any other place in Portland. Friends and neighbors of all backgrounds interact in ways that may not happen otherwise and that hopefully lead to stronger neighborhood connections. People of all ages and abilities enjoy moving their bodies in a safe environment. All of these things lead to neighborhood connectivity, improved wellbeing and better health.”

“As a health care organization that believes in the power of creating health where people live and play, Kaiser Permanente wants to celebrate 10 years of Sunday Parkways with all who have walked, rolled, and skated the routes with us,” Haynes said. “And we invite those who have yet to discover Sunday Parkways to come out on June 25 as we celebrate 10 years of partnership, civic pride, amazing parks, and safe, accessible streets. Thrive high five!

Win a prize and help fund the Bike Club for Kids!

New at Sunday Parkways this year is your chance to play the Passport to Health Sticker Hunt. Pick up your passport at the Kaiser Permanente booth at Peninsula Park or any sponsor booth, then visit all five locations on the map and get a sticker. When you show your completed passport you’ll get a prize and Kaiser Permanente will donate $5 to the Community Cycling Center’s Bike Club for Kids. Share your achievement and photos on social media with #KPBikeClub!

Guest Article by Kaiser Permanente