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Central Eastside Parking Program

Important Parking Information for Zone G & N Residents and Business Owners

On-street parking in the Central Eastside District is difficult and limited. With the adoption of the Central Eastside Industrial Parking Management Plan there are restrictions to Zone G and N permit parking.  New residents and business owners should not assume they will be eligible to purchase Zone G and Zone N parking permits.  Please refer to the Central Eastside Parking Permit Changes letter which was previously mailed to all residents and business owners.

 Important Parking Permit Changes coming to Zone N and Zone G

Please click here to read about new important changes coming to the Central Eastside Industrial District beginning in May, 2019.

2019-2020 Central Eastside Discounted Resident Parking Permit

Residents may qualify for a $75 annual parking permit in the Central Eastside for the following reasons:

  • Financial hardship
  • Reduced income

Please submit your 2019-2020 permit renewal application and a copy of one of the following qualifying documents: 

  • Home Forward subsidized rent form
  • Housing and Urban Development (HUD) subsidized form
  • Social Security Disability award letter
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) award letter
  • Oregon Health Plan notice
  • Dependents who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch programs

Mail completed application and documents to: 1134 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97204

Residents and employees in Zones G and N can purchase a Transportation Wallet for $99.


The Wallet includes a $150 TriMet Hop Card, annual BIKETOWN Membership, annual Portland Streetcar Pass and $25 in car-share value. To apply:

Zone N Parking Permits

Residents and businesses currently use Zone G permits to park throughout the Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID), however with the TPAC subcommittee’s recommendation to prioritize users based on land use, the district would need to add another permit zone.

The subcommittee determined Zone G permits could continue to be made available only to residents and businesses in the zoned industrial areas, continuing to prioritize parking for employees. New Zone N permits are for the employment land use areas. The goal of this new permit area is to provide parking for customers and visitors. New development that is occurring in the district is only going to increase the demand for parking in this zone. Based on occupancy data that shows high utilization, this new zone will be phased out May 2017.

Zone N will take effect late spring 2015 after every address in the CEID receives an application for either Zone G or Zone N depending on land use.

Map of permit parking areas G and N.

Apply for a Zone G parking permit


CEID + Parking

The Central Eastside Industrial District (CEID) is growing. Its historic uses of warehousing and heavy manufacturing are being joined by new and emerging creative technologies, regional retail attractions, food and entertainment establishments and educational facilities.

Parking is an issue affecting the continued economic success and vitality of the CEID. With an existing shortage of both on-street and off-street parking, the district is challenged to meet the future parking demands of additional employees and customers.

District Parking Plan

Beginning in 2010, a stakeholder advisory committee representing Central Eastside property owners, business owners, public institutions and adjacent neighborhoods worked with the Portland Bureau of Transportation to develop an action plan to improve parking within the CEID. The Central Eastside Industrial Council (CEIC) was instrumental to this effort and was represented on the stakeholder committee by several of its elected officers.

The result is a comprehensive parking management plan that better matches up parking supply and demand in the district. In June 2012, the Portland City Council adopted the recommendations of the stakeholder advisory committee and directed the Transportation Bureau to begin implementing the initial actions to improve parking.

Priority for Parking

The Central Eastside Industrial District is made up of two different land use types: Industrial and Employment. The TPAC subcommittee recognized that people park in the different land use areas for different reasons. In order to help more people find parking while supporting the economic vitality of each land use, the subcommittee determined different priority users for each area. This way, employees can find parking in the industrial areas while customers and visitors can find parking in the employment areas.

Industrial Zone:

  1. Employees
  2. Vehicle loading/ unloading
  3. Visitors

Employment Zone:

  1. Customers and visitors
  2. Employees
  3. Loading/ unloading

Learn about the important work of the TPAC Subcommittee.


Contact us

We have a team of specialists ready to answer any of your permit, parking, and transportation-related questions:

For parking permit questions, contact or call (503) 823-APPP (2777)

For questions about the Central Eastside Industrial Council Transportation and Parking Advisory Committee (TPAC), contact Adrienne Chaille at

For questions about the overall Central Eastside Parking Management Plan in the district, contact Chris Armes at

2018 CEID Parking Assessment Summary

2018 CEID Parking Assessment Summary

2019 CEID Parking Assessment Summary

The 2019 report from Rick Williams Consulting outlining parking patterns and trends for the Central Eastside

CEIC TPAC Subcommittee

Information on the CEIC TPAC Subcommittee

CEID map

Map of the Central Eastside Industrial District

Central Eastside Parking Permit Changes, May 2016

Important notice regarding parking permit changes in the Central Eastside beginning May, 2016

Central Eastside Parking Permit Changes, May 2017

Important notice regarding parking permit changes in the Central Eastside beginning May, 2017

Central Eastside Parking Plan

A plan to put each and every parking spot to its best use and to ensure that CEID employers and employees – as well as customers, suppliers and delivery services providers – can rely on convenient parking to conduct business.

Zone G and N Map

See changes to permit parking in the district with the addition of new Zone M for the employment areas.