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W/E Burnside Street

East Burnside (14th-Laurelhurst Pl) Transportation Safety Project update 

With 1.5 years of public process and letters of support from the Buckman, Kerns and Laurelhurst neighborhood associations and the Burnside East Business Association, the Portland High Crash Corridor program installed Phase I of  the East Burnside Transportation Safety Project in early October 2014.  

Phase I construction (complete in October 2014), from 14th to 32nd, included the conversion of one westbound travel lane to a two-way center turn lane with an addition of about 15 parking spaces throughout the project area.  From 32nd Ave to Laurelhust Pl, the pro-time parking lane (parking 22 hours/day and travel lane 2 hours/day) was converted to full time parking.

Phase II construction (scheduled for spring 2015) will include pedestrian islands and marked crosswalks at 18th, 22nd, and 24th avenues (new crossings on west side of intersection only) and posted speed reduction from 35 to 30 MPH.

Current Conditions:  The Portland Bureau of Transportation is currently monitoring travel times during the AM peak two hours in the project area.  Preliminary data shows that the AM peak travel time increase is about what was expected before construction, taking drivers 1-2 minutes more to drive from Cesar Chavez Blvd to 14th Ave.  On average, the pre-project travel time was 4:00 (four minutes) and the post project travel time is 5:20 (five minutes and twenty seconds).  Some drivers have cited experiencing more delay than the average travel time data is showing.  One hypothesis is that there could be more "heavy traffic" days than there were before the project (taking up to 8:00 to travel the length of the project).  PBOT will continue to monitor the roadway to better understand travel time conditions. 

In addition, PBOT is monitoring traffic volumes and speeds on parallel routes to understand unexpected residential project impacts.  PBOT will continue to monitor these parallel routes and work with Laurelhurst neighbors to develop mitigation if deemed necessary. 

Early 2015, PBOT has committed to meeting with Laurelhurst neighbors and the general public to review data, hear personal observations, and identify potential mitigation measures if deemed necessary. 


Project News

Evening crosswalk enforcement action slated to promote pedestrian safety Dec 16 at E Burnside St and NE 24 Ave (December 12, 2014)

East Burnside Street Safety project to restripe lanes this weekend from E 14th to Cesar Chavez Boulevard (October 2, 2014)


Parallel projects (related upcoming safety projects):

  • Ankeny bikeway improvements
  • 20s Bikeway project: hybrid signal crossng of E Burnside at 30th Ave


Project Graphics: Below are aerial images with the new lane configuration, as well as sketches of the intersections with the new roadway design (courtesy of Anthony Buczek). 


Click here to see aerial images of proposed lane restriping, on-street parking additions, and bus stop location changes.

Proposed pedestrian islands and marked crosswalks are not included in the aerials but sketched below.



E Burnside at 18th


E Burnside at 20th


E Burnside at 22nd


E Burnside at 24th


E Burnside at 28th


SEE THE FEEDBACK WE RECEIVED on location and type of crossing to include based on available funding


Entire W/E Burnside St (SW Barnes Rd to E 67th Ave) High Crash Corridor 






E/W Burnside is one ofPortland’s ten high crash corridors.  The High Crash Corridor program addresses traffic safety on three corridors each year.  The process includes:

  • Analyzing crash data
  • Collecting feedback from people using the roadway
  • Developing a set of recommended roadway improvements
  • Partnering with the Portland Police to enforce traffic safety laws
  • Offering pedestrian and driver safety education programs to community groups.


Click here for open house materials including posters, survey, and a summary of survey results.


The E/W Burnside High Crash Corridor analysis kicked off with a pulic open house on February 27, 2013.  About 25 people attended the open house to review crash data, ask questions and provide feedback to PBOT. 

At the open house, Kerns and Buckman neighbors, and Burnside East Business Association representatives, asked High Crash Corridor staff to form an East Burnside Working Group to develop a safety plan specific to E Burnside,14th Ave to 32nd Ave.


For more information, to share your ideas, or to get involved, please contact or 503-823-4998.

Burnside Existing Conditions Report

Report includes trends, roadway data and crash data for W/E Burnside (SW Barnes to E 67th Ave)

East Burnside (14th-Laurelhurst Pl) Safety Project -- 9/18/14 Project Brochure

Construction begins early-October 2014. This brochure explains ths why, what, when and how long.

East Burnside (14th-32nd) Design Feedback Form RESULTS

See what crossing treatments and locations community members have prioritizied to date.

East Burnside (14th-32nd) Safety Project -- 6/5/14 Presentation

Presentation of the project development, recommendation, and timeline.

East Burnside (14th-32nd) Safety Project -- 9/30/13 Public Meeting Materials

The first E Burnside St (14th - 32nd) Transportation Safety Public Meeting was held on Sept 30, 2013. This document includes the materials presented at the meeting and a summary of group discussion, feedback, and evaluation.

East Burnside (14th-32nd) Safety Project Goals & Meeting Summaries

Summary of East Burnside (14th-32nd) Safety Project to date, including three Working Group meetings and one public meeting.

Aerial images of striping changes to E Burnside, 14th to Chavez

View aerial images that include proposed striping changes, on-street parking gains, and bus stop location changes. Images do not show new crosswalks and pedestrian islands planned at 18th, 22nd and 24th.

Burnside 2/27/13 Open House - Posters, Survey, Summary of Survey Results

The first E/W Burnside High Crash Corridor Open House was held on Feb 27, 2013. This document includes the posters presented at the open house, as well as the survey participants filled out and a summary of the survey results.