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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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How projects make it into the TSP

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Our mandate to make a project list

Oregon's Transportation Planning Rule (TPR) mandates that regional and local jurisdictions develop transportation system projects to meet identified transportation needs over the 20-year life of the TSP. The TPR also requires metropolitan planning areas with a population larger than 1,000,000 to evaluate alternative land use patterns that help meet transportation needs. The aim of this mandate is to promote changes in land use and transportation systems, which in turn improve transportation choices and contribute to overall community livability.

A list from many lists

The major transportation improvements list helps Portland implement the recommended transportation alternative by identifying significant capital improvements that will address identified needs over the next 20 years. 

The final list will be the result of citywide public outreach process and detailed technical review of previous planning efforts. Projects were selected through the following sources, each of which additionally underwent their own public involvement:

  •  Bike Plan 2035
  •  Adopted neighborhood and community plans
  •  Area studies
  •  Pedestrian Master Plan
  •  Bicycle Master Plan
  •  Portland Office of Transportation (PDOT) five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
  •  Portland Development Commission (PDC) five-year Business Plan
  •  Regional Transportation Plan
  •  Port of Portland Transportation Improvement Plan
  •  Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

The final project list will be assessed and sorted into three categories: policies, programs, and projects. Ideas sorted into the policies or programs categories will be evaluated and considered for inclusion in the TSP under a separate process.

TSP Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria was derived from the TSP Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) vision statement, TPR requirements, 2040 Growth Concept goals, PDOT’s charter, existing CIP criteria, and the community transportation values as identified through the TSP public workshops. Together, the seven criteria are ‘cross-modal’; they evaluate various policy concerns and support a balance among modes.


Project Evaluation Criteria graphic


The evaluation criteria was applied to the TSP project list to provide a relative ranking of how well each project meets State, regional, and local transportation goals. The higher the total score, the more the project supports the overall transportation goals.


Project  + Process Timeline

 Project Selection and Process Timeline


Transportation Work Session

TSP Update: Stage 1 Work Session at City Council Nov. 3, 2015