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Portland Bureau of Transportation

Phone: 503-823-5185

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1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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Vision Zero Actions

Provide Streets for Everyone

V1.1 Sidewalk Gaps - Status: 1

As part of creating Complete Networks, inventory all sidewalk gaps on collectors and higher, add to GIS dataset, and use to target sidewalk investments.

V1.2 Greenway Maintenance - Status: 3

As part of the 100 lane miles of preventive maintenance per year, include at least four miles of neighborhood greenways by 2016.

V1.3 High-Crash Corridors - Status: 4

Implement physical improvements on four high crash corridors by 2017.

V1.4 Bike-Streetcar Safety - Status: 1

Develop and initiate research project for bike-streetcar safety.

V1.5 New/Upgraded Greenways - Status: 4

Complete a Neighborhood Greenways Assessment Report, which includes design and maintenance recommendations for five new or upgraded neighborhood greenways, by 2016.

V1.6 Safe Crossings Criteria - Status: 2

Based on best practices, establish criteria for installation of safe pedestrian crossings and treatments. Include estimated capital, maintenance, and replacement cost of measures in guidance.

V1.7 Central City Safety - Status: 2

Complete planning and begin project development for the Central City multimodal safety project.

V1.8 High-Need Area Improvements - Status: 2

Utilize potential new funding to allocate funds for safety improvements in areas where a high number of crashes occur and in low-income and high-need areas of the city.

V1.9 Experimental Speed Zone - Status: 2

In 2015, complete the development of an Experimental Speed Zone Process, a method that will enable PBOT to evaluate speed limits on some city streets, and submit to ODOT and the Oregon Speed Zone Panel for review and approval. If approved, implement the new process and initiate a comprehensive evaluation of speed zones on all collector and arterial streets in East Portland.


Protect the Most Vulnerable

V2.1 Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan - Status: 2

Complete PBOT ADA Transition Plan to ensure that all agency facilities, rights-of-way, and policies provide accessibility to persons with disabilities. Identify implementation actions and prioritize barrier removal to ensure that Portland’s transportation system and programs are accessible to all.

V2.2 Disabled Parking - Status: 3

Evaluate the performance of the new disabled parking regulations and report to Council on results and findings.

V2.3 Safe Routes Expansion - Status: 2

For school year 2014-2015, expand Safe Routes to Schools program to work with all public middle and elementary schools in the city. For 2016, explore expanding program into 10 high schools.

V2.4 Vision Zero Plan - Status: 3

Complete a comprehensive Vision Zero plan. Every two-years, complete a 2-year safety report and dashboard.


Teach to Live and Travel Together

V3.1 Multimodal Safety Campaign - Status: 2

Meet with police and fire to explore a jointly sponsored multimodal safety education and awareness campaign. Apply for grant funding to support campaign.

V3.2 For-Hire Transportation - Status: 0

In addition to City Fleet vehicles, achieve 100% voluntary compliance with display of “Look Before You Open” sticker in for-hire transportation vehicles, such as taxis, to improve bicyclist safety.

V3.3 Targeted Safety Messaging - Status: 2

Select three specific audiences to target for safety messages each year and develop specific messages, outreach strategies, and metrics of effectiveness for each. Monitor existing and future safety programming and report on effects.


Enforce Safe Behavior on Our Streets

V4.1 Fixed-Speed Cameras - Status: 1

Work with City Government Relations and Portland Police to gain legislative authority for fixed speed camera enforcement.

V4.2 Red Light Camera Expansion - Status: 2

Work with police to expand current enforcement programs such as red light cameras (expand by 10 locations) in support of Vision Zero.