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Street Light Banners

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How to Apply for a Banner Permit
Figure 1: Banner Installation
Figure 2: Location of Photo Sensor

The City of Portland, Signals and Street Lighting Division manages and processes permits for the installation of banners on Twin Portland Traditional street light poles. Organizations will be allowed to hang banners on these poles under certain conditions and specifications. Banners may not be installed without a permit.


Street Light Banners



The purpose of this program is to allow nonprofit organizations to promote events or occasions that have a direct and substantial civic benefit. The event or occasion should:

  • be reasonably available to all citizens (as spectators or participants);
  • benefit locally-based nonprofit organizations;
  • be significant and large enough that it will be of interest to many citizens;
  • be appropriate for display on city-owned street light poles.

The event or occasion using the banners should not be political, religious, commercial, or profit making. Examples of eligible events or occasions have included the Rose Festival, Portland Opera, Bridge Pedal, Red Cross Month, Shamrock Run, OMSI, and the Zoo.


Special permits may be granted for promoting certain business districts. Profit making organizations may hold permits if the organization is acting as the agent providing insurance, sponsorship, management, etc. for a nonprofit organization.


Banners may display corporate logos or similar endorsements if they are not the dominant element in the composition of the banner.


The City Traffic Engineer, or his designee, may regulate the composition, content of the banners, and impose other conditions or regulations necessary in the interest of the appearance of the street and the public's safety.


Time and Locations of Banner Placement

Banners may be installed on Twin Portland Traditional street light poles located in the Central Business District (SW and NW), Lloyd District (NE), SE Grand, and SE Morrison throughout the year. However, there are certain times and locations when and where banners may not be installed. They include:

  • During Rose Festival activities
  • On the MAX and Streetcar route
    • SW 1st - SW Everett to SW Yamhill Street

    • SW Morrison - SW 1st to SW 18th Avenue

    • SW Yamhill - SW 1st to SW 18th Avenue

    • SW 18th - SW Morrison to SW Jefferson

    • NE Holladay (north side of the street) - NE MLK to NE 13th Ave

    • SW/NW 10th Avenue (east side of the street) 

    • SW/NW 11th Avenue (west side of the street)

  • By the Convention Center
    • NE MLK Jr. Blvd- NE Lloyd to Holladay

    • NE Holladay - NE 1st to NE MLK JR Blvd

  • On street lights under repair or maintenance  

Due to the high demand of the Twin Portland Traditional street light poles along SW/NW Broadway, SW Fourth Avenue, and SW/NW Naito Parkway, only one side of those streets may be reserved. Please designate which side of the street your organization would prefer. We will try to get you the streets you request; however, in case of a conflict, we will recommend other available streets.


Banner Installation

Installation of the banners is the responsibility of the permittee - the City will not do this. Banners must be installed according to the City's specifications:

  • Banners must be hung two to a pole (back to back)  in Central Business District and Lloyd District
  • Banners must be no larger than 4 feet by 5 feet (see drawing)
  • The bottom of banners must be at least 11 feet above the sidewalk
  • PVC to be 1/2" up to 1", schedule 40 PVC
  • Banners must have wind vents (see Figure 1)
  • Banners must be attached to the poles (see Figure 1)
  • Do Not mount banners on poles with photo sensor (see Figure 2)
  • Do Not mount banners in front of Traffic Control devices or signs
  • Maximum of 150 banners per event.

Banners not installed per City specification and deemed to be a hazard will be removed, and the cost of the removal will be the permittee's responsibility.



The permittee will be responsible for the maintenance, replacement, and upkeep of banners while installed on the City of Portland street light poles.


Streetlight Damage Liability

The permittee will be responsible for all costs to repair damages to the street lights caused by installation, while installed, and removal of the banners on the City of Portland street light poles.


Insurance Requirement

The permittee shall provide satisfactory evidence of public liability insurance, endorsed to name as additional insureds the City, its officers, agents, and employees as to any claim or claims for damage or injury resulting from or growing out of the operations of the applicant under the permit applied for, and containing a further endorsement that the policy shall not be canceled without 30 days prior written notice to the City Traffic Engineer.


The endorsement shall be either (1) in the form attached as Exhibit A; or (2) in the form of Insurance Services Organization (ISO) Form CG 2012.  The insurance shall provide coverage of not less than $1,000,000 (one million dollars) per occurrence.


Proof of such insurance must be submitted to the Street Lighting Section and approved prior to installation of banners.


Revocable Permit

The permit will be revocable at any time at the sole discretion of the City Traffic Engineer or his designee. Should the permit be revoked, the permittee shall remove its banners from the street area as directed by and to the satisfaction of the City Traffic Engineer or his designee. If the permittee fails to remove its banners as directed and to the Engineer's satisfaction, the City or its contractors may remove the permittee's banners; in this case, the permittee shall be responsible for all costs incurred by the City or its contractors in removing the banners. Furthermore, if the permit is revoked, the City shall not be liable for any costs of whatever nature incurred or suffered by the permittee or anyone else arising from the revocation of the permit.

Banner Permit Fees 

The cost of the banner permit is *$100 for the permit plus $1 per pole used. Because two banners must be used per pole, the pole price equals half the number of banners requested. An invoice will be submitted by the City to the  permittee when the application is received and the fee must be paid within 30 days. *Effective July 1, 2017 the cost of the banner permit will increase to $110. 

How to Apply for a Banner Permit

Banner installations will be allowed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applicants for the permit may not request banner locations more than two (2) months in advance of the event. In addition, to provide adequate processing time the applicant may not request less than three (3) weeks in advance of the event.


Your request must contain the following information:

  • Name of the Permittee, including a contact person and phone number
  • Name of the benefiting organization(s)
  • Name, description, and date of the event
  • Name of the company installing the banners
  • Number of banners to be installed
  • Scaled copy or drawing of the proposed banner
  • Proposed banner locations; i.e., street name and cross streets - please check the locations and assure the number of banners to be installed matches the number of poles available
  • Dates of banner installation and removal - duration is one month.

The request will be processed within 5 days of receipt. The City will send you a completed permit form, acceptance of terms and conditions form that requires the signature of the contact person. Please sign and return the permit with the proper insurance certificate and additional insured endorsement. If the necessary documents (permit and insurance endorsement) are not in the possession of the Street Lighting section at least 2 weeks before the banners are to be installed, the permittee will not be allowed to hang the banners. For the permit to be valid, it must be signed by the City Traffic Engineer or designee.

Please address your banner request to: 

PBOT Street Light Banners

City of Portland

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 800

Portland, OR 97204-1914



FIGURE 1. Banner Installation


FIGURE 2. Location of Photo Sensor





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