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Safer Shoulders and Ditch Maintenance

dickinson rendering  Eagle Crest rendering

Shoulder improvements planned for SW Dickinson Court and SW Eagle Crest Drive.

What's happening now?

The project is currently in design engineering.

Project Background and Description:

Safer Shoulders is a new program for providing interim pedestrian facilities throughout the city where sidewalk construction is not financially possible. These facilities are not meant to replace sidewalks, rather to provide a new low-cost option for quickly upgrading priority pedestrian streets to be safer and more comfortable until sidewalks are built. The concept is simple: widen the shoulder area of streets to provide enough space so pedestrians are not forced to walk in the street. The design concept can also incorporate additional physical separation, such as wands or curbs with stormwater gaps. To maximize cost effectiveness, PBOT is taking advantage of opportunities to coordinate the work with the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) stormwater facility improvements.

There are city locations where safety priorities can be addressed through alternative street design measures that offer improvements when funds are lacking for more extensive upgrades. Creating safer shoulders or other alternative low-cost walking treatments by widening and paving the shoulders in places where sidewalks cannot be provided has been shown to reduce pedestrian crashes by 71%. The Fixing Our Streets funding for Safer Shoulders will be used in partnership with the Bureau of Environmental Services.

The new Safer Shoulder design for pedestrian facilities is being piloted on SW Stephenson and SW Hamilton.

  • SW Stephenson: SW 35th Ave to SW Dickinson Ct
  • SW Hamilton: SW 47th Dr to SW 45th Ave

Other project components include: 

  • Infill missing gaps of sidewalk
  • Add vertical protection for more separation from vehicle traffic at widened asphalt
  • Add pedestrian crossings
  • Add speed cushions for traffic calming along SW Stephenson 

Construction Date: Summer 2021

Current Phase: Design

Total Project Budget: $892,000 from Fixing Our Streets

Project Manager Contact Information: Lisa Patterson, (503) 823-7780

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Project Presentation

Presented on June 12, 2018 to the Arnold Creek Neighborhood Association.

SW Stephenson Open House Materials

View information provided at the June 4, 2018 open house

City of Portland Speed Bump Peer Review Report

1997 evaluation of speed bump projects in Portland

SW Stephenson Speed Cushion Map

Map of locations for 2018 speed cushion placement