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The City of Portland, Oregon

Portland Bureau of Transportation

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1120 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 800, Portland, OR 97204

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Actions: Impairment

These actions to address impairment include education activities, treatment services, and policy changes that aim to reduce the number of people driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or both. Added enforcement of impaired driving is not included as an action at this time due to concerns about potential disparate impacts on people of color. Working with communities of color and law enforcement, the City of Portland will continue to seek actions that encourage safe behavior and reduce impaired driving in a way that is respectful to all.

2-year actions: IMPAIRMENT (I)
I.1 Work with driver-for-hire services (including taxi cabs, transportation network companies and other private companies), transit providers and bar owners to develop a targeted DUII program in Portland’s entertainment district and other hotspots linked to DUII citations PBOT, drivers-for-hire, TriMet, local bar owners Development of a targeted DUII program

Number of safe ride vouchers used in targeted DUII program area compared to prior years
I.2 Allow pre-payment for morning parking in specified districts (in combination with Action I.1) to encourage impaired drivers to leave their cars overnight without concern of getting a parking ticket or being towed PBOT Number of parking districts with policies that discourage impaired driving
I.3 Secure funding to increase the number of police officers trained as Drug Recognition Experts PPB, PBOT Increased number of police officers trained as DREs
5-year actions: IMPAIRMENT (I)
I.4 Utilize marijuana or alcohol tax revenue to increase funding for DUII drug and mental health preventions and for treatment services City Council, PBOT, Multnomah County Health Legislation passed to increase funding
I.5 Increase access and expand referrals to the DUII Intensive Supervision Program (DISP) City Government Relations, PBOT, Multnomah County Court Number of participants in DISP program after legislation compared to before

Education and Outreach Activities

Campaign elements:

  • Focused education/outreach with establishments, and in hotspot locations, identified with a high over-service of alcohol
  • Materials showing the prevalence and community impact of impaired driving distributed to health clinics and doctors’ offices
  • Outreach to accompany enforcement actions

Campaign to Address Impairment

Reducing impaired driving means addressing a complicated mix of personal behaviors, social factors, and legal liability. A combination of outreach, education, and incentives is critical to the success of these efforts. Actions may include:

  • Partnering with driver-for-hire services (such as taxis, Uber, Lyft, and pedicabs) to offer a subsidized ride home from drinking establishments
  • Partnering with bars and entertainment venues to educate patrons on available transportation options other than driving
  • Free or subsidized transit fares during holidays, festivals, and other days with high impaired driving rates
  • Advertising pre-payment of morning parking downtown at bars, restaurants, and other venues so impaired drivers feel comfortable leaving their cars behind

Abbreviations key
DMV Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles
ODOT Oregon Department of Transportation
OHA Oregon Health Authority
PBOT Portland Bureau of Transportation
PF&R Portland Fire & Rescue
PPB Portland Police Bureau









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