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Neighborhood Streets Program

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** Take a survey about neighborhood streets in the City of Portland. **


For decades, the City has wrestled with its legacy of dozens of miles unpaved and under-improved streets. In spring 2016, the City made progress on the issue by adopting the Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge, a charge on the new infill development occurring on these streets in single-family residential zones. City Council required that all LTIC revenue stay in a lock box until PBOT established a program that determines (1) the types of projects eligible for funding, (2) whether or not to expand the program with additional funding sources, and (3) how decisions on spending funds will be made (project prioritization).


Overview of the Program and its Development

The program City Council required is called the Neighborhood Streets Program. Its purpose is to facilitate immediate and sustained progress on improving local streets (with a focus on unpaved and under-improved streets) and related transportation infrastructure in neighborhoods throughout the City. The program will have three key elements:

  • Standards: What street standards should be applied in what situations? The city already has adopted alternative standards, but it is unclear when and if those standards should be applied, how well those standards work with the needs of other bureaus, and the process for officially designating a street as an alternative method. 
  • Funding: What public sources of funds should be dedicated to funding neighborhood transportation improvements? What amount of matching private funding (for example, from local improvement districts) is reasonable to expect?
  • Prioritization: How will the City weigh competing projects in different geographic areas, with different costs and benefits, and determine which should receive the limited funding? the Neighborhood Streets Program will need to include a clear set of principles to guide future City decisions on where funding should be allocated. 


Tell us what you think!

Take a survey about neighborhood streets in the City of Portland. The Portland Bureau of Transportation has begun the planning process to develop policies and funding options specific to residential side streets. Your input on this survey will help us understand where to focus efforts and what to prioritize in the new Neighborhood Streets Program. The survey is available in the following languages:



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